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How to make your minecraft server blow up!

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Did a short review on my website: Crimsoku TV

The Beginning

That's right, I'm a server owner, running a server can be easy, or it
can be hard! If it's easy than your not doing it right, there are always
hundreds of more ways to improve your minecraft server. And not even I
know many of them at all. I started my server with a simple 2GB RAM
which can be real important when you want lots of players to have more
ram, which is why I upgraded to 4.5GB Ram with cubichost.

The most important part of a server is its Staff and "Spawn Structures",
basically what catches the eye. Put yourself in the position of the
player, What would you want to see, how would you want to play the game. Always put your members ahead of the fun parts of being an owner(hard work pays of).

What makes servers fun?

What may strike you and I as fun, could be different to each individual
who plays on your server, It is you who determines how long a member
will stay, A lot of server are just lucky, they get the right members at
the right times, the right personalities, some aren't so lucky, and
that is when it becomes difficult to grow your playerbase. This is why
you need a good common ground, something that most everyone likes! If
you are running a Minigames only server make sure to have just one
minigame so players can actually play with each other(for brand new
servers). If you're running factions, make sure you have good starter
kits, If you are running towny, Decent starter kits such as: Wood,
Wooden Tools, Animals, Wheat(Any PVE Element), And perhaps offer to help
start off the first few towns. People join servers to play with other
people, Just keep that in mind.

How to keep players?

What works really well is when you give your members something to do,
something to achieve. Perhaps an auto ranking system. Playtime
determining when you rank up in game, that will keep your member there
longer. There are many variations of ranks that would spark the players

Best times To bump on Planet Minecraft?

Many server owners think the best times to bump on pmc is when kids not
currently in school, or are home from school, This is partially true,
but there is more you have to look at and think about. PMC has a
wonderful feature where it tells us how many players are currently
online browsing the site, TAKE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE, find the busiest
time and bump that server!

What traits to look for in staff.

This could be the hardest part of any new starting server. Staff is real
important, you can't run a server on your own unless you plan on
getting no sleep. Servers have many time zones, you're not gonna stay up
forever. Take a break!

Some traits to look for in staff:
+ Mature
+ Organized
+ Patient
+ And again.. Mature

Other server owners might look for more traits, What are yours?

Best Minecraft plugins for your server

The following plugins are some plugins I found really useful on my own
server, Which is currently turning out to be real successful:

A Reward Plugin:

This plugin allows you to reward your players in many different ways for
many different reason. It currently supports all versions of Minecraft
1.8 and up. here is a link to the plugin page on spigot: RewardPro

New Player Protections:

Noob Protect is a simple and non-configurable but useful plugin. It
protects any returning players for 5 minutes on rejoin, and protects any
ne to the server players for 24 hrs on join, and it can simple be
canceled using the command /noob off. Here is a link to the plugin: Noob Protect

Time Is Money:

If you are using Vault
and have an economy plugin, you could use this plugin. This plugin pays
players for daily logins, and by the hour or minute, this plugin is
also really easy to configure. Here is a link to Time is Money

There are many other plugins you can use to make the server more
newplayer friendly, if you have any, please comment down below! I am
open to more ideas.

Core Plugins For Your Minecraft Server

There are thousands of different plugins you can use for your server,
dozens and dozens of admin plugins, hundreds of add-on plugins, but only
a select few of all these plugins are essential for your server to be
successful. Speaking of "Essentials", one of the first plugins you
should worry about is:


Essentials is a super complex plugin that gives your server over 100
different commands to spice things up on your server, it is also
required to run many different types of plugins for different types of
servers. You may download Essentials builds here.


Vault is another really important plugin to use, Vault is an Economy,
Permissions and Chat API. Many plugins require you to have this
installed to your server, there is no config, meaning easy download and
installs to your server with no problems, just make sure you're getting
the right versions! You can download Vault here


If you are planning on making a more vanilla type server where players
can do anything anywhere, this plugin wont help you, but please keep in
mind, players who join servers want something interesting. Worldguard
allows server admins to protect land from regular members of the server
from breaking, or placing, or even switching. You can deny exiting a
place, or deny entering a place without certain permissions. You can
download this plugin here


Coreprotect is a simple block logging plugin, this plugin logs block
activity/interactions. Say "Steve" Breaks a block and steals some pork
out of "Eaves" chest. Eave will make a ticket for a grief report. The
staff member "Notch" will go to the location of the grief and type /co
i, from there Notch will right click blocks to check the block logs, and
chest logs. Steve is found guilty because CoreProtect was keeping logs
of those blocks disturbed by Steve. Anyway you can download this plugin
from here

Im back

Hello! I haven't been updating this in a long time, and that is because I stopped running my very own minecraft server to deal with 'Life'. Though I recently decided to come back to what I enjoyed for so many years. I will be updating this blog again, Hoping to spread some more strategies and updating my own !

User Opinions:



[​Article in progress]
I need Idea's and tips. To improve my server and this article, to better help new servers!
CreditNitwick, Naarcissus, Mr_Jacksonville

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Update #15 : 01/10/2021 1:35:43 amJan 10th

Added a Website URL to a small minecraft review on my new website

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01/20/2021 10:29 pm
Level 24 : Expert Archer
ImYourFwend_ avatar
ok thx
02/04/2018 2:30 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ScratDe avatar
Time to upgrade my Minecraft to premium (Link removed) :D
02/04/2018 5:35 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
Athamus_Kingdom avatar
Premium is very useful, lots more account protection ( Per server ), also a lot more better maintained servers are from premium minecraft users.
01/24/2018 10:31 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Engineer
ShelLuser avatar
I'm not necessarily a fan of the way you shared your blog because all the spoiler sections made it harder to read. Then again, I also have to admit that it was somewhat different.

But there's one thing which I think is very important yet left out from your guide. About those plugins: actually customize your plugins to meet your demands and/or separate yourself from the rest.

9 out of 10 servers simply install plugins and use their default values. Sure, plugins like GriefPrevention use sane defaults, I'm not denying that, but it becomes awkward if you (for example) share a certain building expectation ("make your build at least 20x20 blocks to make a good impression") and then don't allow said player to protect their build because the default values don't cover this.

Seriously: if 2 survival servers use GriefPrevention and both use defaults settings then... why would I stay with either of them when a third offers me a larger default starting claim?

In my opinion too many aspiring server owners think that just slapping a bunch of plugins onto a server is enough to make it work. But with a seriously oversaturated server market that trick no longer works.
02/03/2018 8:30 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
Athamus_Kingdom avatar
You make a good point. I took the format into consideration and changed it, no spoilers.

I will also be adding some more about how to make your plugins more unique by configuring them to the servers own unique ways.

I will also be brainstorming examples
12/21/2017 5:15 pm
Level 24 : Expert Blockhead
Nitwick avatar
> Core plugins. There are people who have no idea about Essentials, Coreprotect, Worldguard and other useful plugins to have. What you suggest is good for gameplay, but perhaps not optimal when it comes to actual setup of the server - the formation of the server's core. Making a note of the permissions plugin options would be helpful as well.

> A note on what kind of hosting you prefer. Specific sites are not allowed, but even a look at the pros and cons of home vs online hosting may be useful.

> Technical babble. Basics for plugin installation, initial setup, a note on permissions, setup resources if you advise a permissions plugin (such as the extensive documentation available for PEX) and so on.

All in all, quite good. If this expands, it would save me the trouble of making a general concept guide, and allow me to dig into specific elements of servers while being able to just point here for a general overview.
12/22/2017 12:45 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
Athamus_Kingdom avatar
Thank you for your detailed comment. I will definitely add a core plugins category. I've had experience with Pex and group manager, I will be able to list pros and cons of both to better suggest to the server owner which one fits their style. And how important essentials is to a server and how if it's run on wrong version it could hurt ur server ram, and cause all kinds of player rollbacks when it comes to economy and vault. Thanks again for your comment! I'll be adding you to the credits.
12/20/2017 10:01 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
Athamus_Kingdom avatar
I'm considering adding some art. Expect that in next update
12/19/2017 4:22 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Architect
LightlySaltedBuilder avatar
You should talk about staff, and community. Great blog, real nicely formatted, it isn't an eyesore like some of the blogs on here. Keep up the good work.
12/19/2017 6:26 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
Athamus_Kingdom avatar
Thank you so much for your feedback! I actually plan on editing quite a bit of the format anyway, make it even more eyefriendly. I will talk about staff next! Thanks for the suggestion
12/16/2017 1:19 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
BlitherPaladin9 avatar
12/16/2017 2:14 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
Athamus_Kingdom avatar
Thank you for your comment :D
12/16/2017 5:00 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
Bladnir avatar
Cool! ^^
12/16/2017 9:36 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
Athamus_Kingdom avatar
Thanks for your support!
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