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avatar cs218087
Level 4 : Apprentice Warrior
This is a continuation of my last blog, It All Started With A Pickaxe, if you would like to read that, go here:

So, after you get yourself situated, what then? Do you mine for hours on end, looking for diamonds? Do you venture into the Nether? Do you attempt to slay the Ender Dragon? Collect dirt? That's not something I can choose for you. Only you can. 
Your fate on MineCraft relies completely on the starting days of which you decide how you will play the game. If you are slow at learning the game, chances are you will absorb more information and find more about the game than someone who is a faster learner in terms of video game mechanics. 

No matter the road, you continue. Why? Is it the complexity of the game that draws you? Or is it the almost-infinite goals that you can achieve? Tell me below, if you dare.

So, how did you move on? Were you a cave-digger, a mob-grinder, a simple farmer, or did you create your own gameplay?

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i just like rstone & building. its FUN.

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