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Animated Skins Mod [Minedeas Contest]

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Mullraugh avatar Mullraugh
Level 58 : Grandmaster Skinner
We have all heard of minecraft skins before. We see them every time we log into multiplayer. A skin can show a person's personality. For example, I have the "Mullraugh Skin" I keep editing to fit my moods and what I'm in to at the time. First impressions are always important. If you see a guy in a steve skin, what do you instantly think? The steve/herobrine skin has "NOOB" written all over it.

Some of you may know that there's some client-side skin mods out there, that change the skin or character model. Like Noppes' More Player Models mod for example. It changes the way your character looks for you and the people with the mod, but not for other players who don't have the mod. There's an HD Skin mod as well, made by Emperor Doom called vonDoomCraft, where you can make an HD skin for yourself (or download a pre-made one) and play with HD epicness. Again, this one's client-side, and only people with the mod can see it. These two mods got the rusty ol' gears in my head working. I've seen animated texture packs before, like John Smith or Misa's Realistic Texture Pack, and i've been wondering if it's possible to have animated gif SKINS.

An animated skins mod would open a whole new door of opportunity and creativity, and could possibly end up being a vanilla add-on in the future. But as a mod, it would add a ton of great ideas to the skinners like myself. Thousands and Thousands of unique skin opportunities would be opened, and ideas for skins wouldn't run out so quickly. However, with all great things, there would be a downside. There could be some pretty vulgar things created, and if the mod goes into vanilla Minecraft, EVERYONE would have a darn animated skin.

Animation Ideas:
-A jetpack with moving thrusters
-A robot with flashing lights
-A zombie with dripping blood
-A guy talking!
-Random colour changes
-A ticking bomb strapped to a guy's chest
(i'd have pictures, but I have no idea how to make a GIF.)

I personally don't like mods that add new blocks, tools, armour, and recipes. They feel way too much like vanilla Minecraft after a while; plus they only work in singleplayer which is extremely lonely and boring. I absolutely love mods that are client-side, work in SMP, and add awesomeness to the game. For example, I have MAtmos, Sound Enabler, a language pack, texture pack, and the "Powerful" sound pack to make minecraft an entirely new and unique exerience for me.

Thanks to all for considering this idea, and have a wonderful day!
CreditNoppes, Emperor Doom, John Smith, Misa's Realistic Pack, MAtmos, Sound Enabler and the

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12/31/2019 1:50 am
Level 41 : Master Architect
Brosiyeah avatar
as someone who finds this post 7 years later trying to find a mod like this, I am very disappointed to have not found anything yet.

Blinking that hat layer is cool and all, but I'd like to keep my hat layer on while animations play.
12/16/2012 2:12 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Sandlover avatar
Dude i love this idea :D diamond for you :D and i have also diamond you on you safari explorer skin so i will be checking your work alot keep up the good work

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