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AnimeFanFTW's Mediocre Art Gallery!

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So ummm........hello.

Kept you waiting, huh?

I finally posted a blog. After 3 years of nothing except like 2 skins. Great job, me.

But yeah, all seriousness, I haven't forgotten about this place. Life has been busy.
And during that time, with adventures in speedrunning video games, and having to deal with a global pandemic, I've gotten the time to do something I've ALWAYS wanted to do and get good at: making drawings and artwork.

With the help of a couple of art friends I've met over the years, I've now been semi-regularly using a free program called FireAlpaca, to make some artworks. And I gotta say, I'm getting good at it with the amount of practise I had.
So I decided, why not share some of my artworks here? At least more people can appreciate it then~

All artworks in this blog should be ordered in the time I made them, so you can see my progress as an artist. The artworks I'll be posting will also be viewable on my Twitter page. Note that I will not be showing all the artworks I've made in this blog, since some are adult in nature. Gotta follow rules, after all.

Sooooooo yeah. Enjoy my artworks!

Kirby (Kirby) (My first real attempt at a drawing lul)
AnimeFanFTW's Mediocre Art Gallery!

Stocking Anarchy (Panty and Stocking) (My first real attempt at drawing a human figure)
AnimeFanFTW's Mediocre Art Gallery!

Yui Hirasawa (K-ON!)
AnimeFanFTW's Mediocre Art Gallery!

Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Chiaki Nanami, with another Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 2/Danganronpa 3)

Monokuma (Danganronpa)

Ayla (Chrono Trigger) (Commissioned)

Baby Crewmate (Among Us)

Pyra & Mythra - Smash Bros outfits (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

SYACV-chan (OC Commission, for the popular Twitter account, Saved You A Click Video Games)

The Vtuber Takodachi Collection
A series of artworks, of Vtubers interpreted as Takodachis (octopuses), the main mascot for HololiveEN's Ninomae Ina’nis.

Round 1 - Amelia Watson, Ninomae Ina’nis, Takanashi Kiara, Gawr Gura, IRyS, Mori Calliope

Round 2 - Kureiji Ollie, Airani Iofifteen, Inugami Korone, Kiryu Coco, Ironmouse, Amano Pikamee

Round 3 - Tsukumo Sana, Nanashi Mumei, Hakos Baelz, Ceres Fauna, Omegaα, Ouro Kronii

Round 4 - Akai Haato (& HAACHAMA), Pavolia Reine, Nyatasha Nyanners, AnnyTF, Hikasa Tomoshika

Round 5 - Selen Tatsuki, Elira Pendora, Juniper Actias, Usada Pekora, Moona Hoshinova, Haneuzu Miuneru

Round 6 - Houshou Marine, Natsuiro Matsuri, Ayunda Risu, Veibae, Projekt Melody, Finana Ryugu

Round 7 - Roboco-san, Anya Melfissa, Apricot (Froot), Pomu Rainpuff, Bao, Daimonji Ryugon

Round 8 - Tsunomaki Watame, Shishiro Botan, Zentreya, Petra Gurin, Rosemi Lovelock, Honey Goblin


Saved You a Click Video Game's Twitter account

Hope you enjoyed my art! I'll make sure to update this blog regularly whenever I make any artworks. So stay tuned!

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Update #11 : 11/30/2021 5:21:15 amNov 30th

-Added new drawing: Vtubers as Takodachis Round 8

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How much cost your art?
11/30/2021 5:46 pm
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Check my pinned tweet on my Twitter
11/24/2021 7:39 pm
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These are too good but i am now reminde of the PTSD and despair of dangonranpa R.I.P Chiaki.
11/11/2021 1:59 pm
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10/18/2021 7:36 am
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10/12/2021 6:08 pm
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K-On! <3
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