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Anonymous, saving the online world

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TheSquishyOne's Avatar TheSquishyOne
Level 25 : Expert Taco
Okay guys, heres a few times Anonymous have actually saved the day XD

Lets get started,
After the bombs and attacks took place in Paris (ISIS took responsibility for them), Anonymous declared online war on ISIS and took down over 5,500 terrorist and ISIS linked twitter account. Also to take the hate that Anon has for ISIS even further, they were said to be organizing protests all around the world that are full of men and women all with the famous Anonymous mask, protesting against terrorism.

Anonymous ‎@AnonyOpNews

It seems that Goats have made their way into the Deep Web and will shortly be taking over ISIS sites. #OpParis #OpISIS
9:17 AM - 27 Nov 2015 (Twitter post from Anonymous to ISIS)

In operation DeathEaters, Anonymous took down over 50 darkweb sites containing disgusting and explicit photo's of minors. Not only did they take down the illicit sites and photo's on the Darkweb, they also gathered all the IP addresses and information of the users that uploaded and used these horrid sites.

A radio host by the name Hal Turner has gotten the wrong sort of attention from alot of the public and also by Anonymous. Hal Turner is known for being a White Supremacist, in consequence for spreading racist remarks and ideaology, Anon got furious and in 2006, took Hal Turners website offline which costed him thousands and thousands in Bandwidth bills.
''We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not Forgive, ~Anonymous~
We do not Forget,
Expect us...''

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05/24/2016 12:16 pm
Level 47 : Master Dragonborn
Fandyus's Avatar
Anonymous are cool guys... If they are not currently hacking you :DD
05/24/2016 6:38 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Button Pusher Lad
planeturi's Avatar
I also heard on tumblr they were disgusted by Trump and declared online war against him, And called people around the world to search information that would damage Trumps reputation.
05/24/2016 4:49 pm
Level 25 : Expert Taco
TheSquishyOne's Avatar
i heard about that too, but i reckon he's damaged his own reputation enough anyways :3
05/25/2016 6:42 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Button Pusher Lad
planeturi's Avatar
Yeah I agree, Sadly there are people who respect for some reason???