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Another comic featuring allay and copper golem comming soon!

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GoldenScientist avatar GoldenScientist
Level 31 : Artisan Mage
my comic about dislikes seemed to be popular, so I'm doing another one. This one will be about how youtube pretends to care about small creators and demonitizes people. spoilers below...

In this next one, allay and copper golem make youtube channels. For a while, they can't grow because youtube is promoting a channel called "JeanDragonVlogs" owned by the Ender Dragon (i chose the ender dragon because her size and the fact that she is the final boss are a metaphor for the growth of small channels. Just as it would be hard for a new player to beat the dragon right away, it is hard for a small youtuber to grow big.)
Soon, Allay's channel gets a sudden spark in popularity (because she won the mob vote and this can happen to channels) but Copper golem's channel stays tiny. She doesn't want to leave her friend behind, so she tries to advertise his channel on her videos by showcasing his content. Unfortunately, youtube demonitizes her and doesn't even give her friend any revenue.
Also, Glare had a channel but they got terminated.

This comic will be another little repersentation of how YouTube really works. i put a little teaser there.

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03/29/2022 11:37 am
Level 31 : Artisan Mage
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Tbh, her channel is pretty small.
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