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Another gem war is coming

Pearl is ready for war

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avatar Pokezilla101
Level 54 : Grandmaster Unicorn
So for we all know is that Yellow diamond has a long neck, she's tall, and she's a clod with anger issues. Those are all sort of reason why she would want to come back to earth before the crystal gems stop the cluster. Here are some more reasons why another gem war is arising.
  • Peridot called Y.D a clod, and that angered her, so she might want to come to earth and kick some peridot butt!
  • She wants to stop the crystal gems from killing that cluster so she might come to earth herself or send about 20 more gems and then come to earth

  • She will most likely tell the diamond authority and they will talk and they will come to earth and try to destroy the crystal gems

  • Sounds like they have been waiting a long time for the cluster to finish off earth and they don't waste their waiting

  • Joe Johnston said that we will be seeing alexandrite in future episodes, so that could mean that garnet foreshadowed that we will be seeing alexandrite on the battlefield on tv(not on attack the light)
  • We want to see stevonnie fight, because of Connie's sword skills and stevens shield skills together they shall make rose quartz fighting skills!
  • We have yet to see what role White diamond plays so we might see her come to earth
  • The crystal gems are sortof prepared because we seen gem armor in or close by to the temple

  • We seen pearl have about 200 swords, so she is ready for another gem war that garnet might of foreseen

That's all I have for now, I will come back to the later on, im sorry it is not well written. I was writing it then the internet stopped working so I lost everything I was typing, so I will come back to this soon with better evidence, more sense and so on.

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