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anti-griefing tips

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avatar rotom7
Level 14 : Journeyman Mage
1. Don't hire random staff no matter what they do.
2. Get to trust your staff members first before hiring them.
3. If many people randomly log on at the same time, its probably a griefing team.
4. Get mods that can kill all mobs on the map just in case they spawn 1mil ghasts.
5. get a mod to see who griefed what and be able to rollback.
6. Spy on new players to see what they do.
7. Easy way to spy on new players is to use animal disguise.
8. Get a anti-griefing system other than essentials. (such as MC bans.)

9. If you can't ban them, temp ban then kick them.
10. Ban griefing team members ips so there buddies (alt accounts) can't get back on.
11. Remember ban then rollback is the easiest way to fix a grief.
12. Don't advertise your server on untrustworthy sites or sites with many griefers on it.
13. the more people you get on your server the more staff you should have.
14. I don't suggest selling admin because a griefer might buy it.
16. Get mods such as no cheat to stop cheaters or hackers.
17. Stop spammers with mods such as spamguard.
18. Get backup encase something bad happens.
19. Get invisable mods to help spy on new players.
20. Keep track of new anti griefing mods and new hacks used by griefers.
21. Mosa like lockette can be used to lock chests and make doors private.
22. Mods such as Log ores can be used to see when people find ores so you can tell by patterns if people are using xray mod.
23. If none of the above work, jail the griefer or hack ban him. (i'm not sure how to hack ban but its possible to do it to made a hacker who hacks on the server leave.)
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