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Carcharodontosaurus avatar Carcharodontosaurus
Level 59 : Grandmaster Fish
Howdy ho

(Welcome to the blog of horrors and... I have no idea what I'm actually drawing half of the time...)

Another small update on the blog. You can find my artwork here, but I'll probably keep most of my art on my:

@anton_wulff (Only art)
@bone_hunting (Paleo-art and fossil collection)

Feel free to look around.

Here's a sketch I made. Haven't named the sketch, but it's a Neovenator and an Eotyrannus on the pic.

Carcharodontosaurus saharicus' Art-blog

"Carrion Feud"
Dinosaurs in the picture: Carcharodontosaurus, Rugops primus and a dead Rebbachisaurus.

Carcharodontosaurus saharicus' Art-blog

"Ravenous Sea"
In the picture you see an Ichthyosaur getting ravaged by a large pliosaur, meanwhile a Hybodus shark nibbles the paddle of the ichthyosaur.

Carcharodontosaurus saharicus' Art-blog

And below here, my most recent drawing: "Jaws that shatter bone"

In the picture you see a Bothriospondylus getting decapitated by a gnarly Razanandrongobe, a terrestrial crocodylimorph from the middle jurassic that hunted dinosaurs.

Marzipan Crash:

(Lots of drawings in the spoilers further down)

This one, I call; "The King Of The Mountain"

Spoiler - Models, pictures and "real life"-stuff that isn't just on paper or computer
Spoiler - Marzipan Monster and Pig
I was making christmas candy with the family, and decided to make a little monster treat together with a pig

Spoiler - Marzipan Bandicoot
With a look just as insecure as your mum's when she sees you going into the hot underwear department in the mall.

Spoiler - Ping pong drawing (Drawing back and forth with an awesome person)
Spoiler - Ping pong with Ellielza (Ellie)
Spoiler - Gory aliens
Some Prometheus-styled aliens

Spoiler - Doom-Alien collage, which is on POINT
Gore, blood, flesh, bones, it makes you hungry for more doesn't it?

Spoiler - Requests from peepz
Spoiler - 1. Request: A magic panda (_MagicPanda_ 's request)
Here is a magical, rainbow-shooting, kawaii aura panda

Spoiler - Skullcrab (500poundsofnothing's idea, made real)
It's ok... you can pee your pants now, we all know a giant skullcrab with a flamethrower is pretty darn scary

Spoiler - Cray cray squid (Latula's idea, made real)
Show him the construction site already, he hasn't got all day.

Spoiler - Kitty Love (MsHufflyPuff's idea, made real)
We all know that in reality they'll just start hissing and scratching each other, but whatever

Spoiler - Unibunnycorn (wafflecone's idea, made real)
It's so kuoawt...

Spoiler - Pikamoar teh brootal zombeh sl4yer (Pikamoar's idea, made real)

Spoiler - A spider tearing itself open! (Pilosaurus Funkei's idea, made real)
Hi there arachnophobes!

Spoiler - More dinosaurs (Cuz the other dino-spoiler screwed up)
Spoiler - Utahraptor!
A Utahraptor! (A bid bad quality, yes)

Spoiler - Arnold Schwarzen-saurus
Get to da choppa! Nao!

Spoiler - Carnotaurus
Just look at it's small tiny arms! Hahahaha!...
jk, they're not supposed to be that small... they're actually supposed to be smaller

Spoiler - A Lost World
A hunter's terrace

Spoiler - Neovenator having a snack
Mmm, snack.

Spoiler - My new drawing book! I call it: Anton Wulff, Only Black
Spoiler - Gory Beast
Alien-like, undead and gory

Spoiler - Creature Of The Night...
Fall into a deep blissful sleep, nothing in sight, but soon you'll be awakened by a screech, and before you stands the creature of the night

Spoiler - Spawn Of Satan, literally, yea
His number is 669

Spoiler - Shadow And Flame! (And inner rage)
You probably thought this was going to be a Balrog right? Well think again!

Spoiler - The Circle Of Death
Ok, so I got a little poetic

Spoiler - Hear no evil, see no evil, feel no evil, speak no evil
Eyes sewn together, ears nailed, mind spiked, mouth stitched... no harm shall come, no harm shall be done.

Spoiler - Tree Of Death
We are but fruits on a tree of death. Only the tree will last forever...
Spoiler - Flesh and the power it holds!

Spoiler - Death takes many forms
Death takes whatever form that suits him for the moment... (Apparently a scarecrow this time)

So... again... I felt like drawing a dragon

Spoiler - A wolfie spider
Iz cute

Spoiler - Herald of Shadowflame
"Purge the world with fire and darkness!"

Spoiler - Zombie Ritual
"Drifting from the living, joining with the dead
Zombie dwelling maggots, now infest your head"

Spoiler - Beware of the Boogeyman
Jungle "boogey"! *Whabadaba whabadaba* jungle "boogey"! *Ready to get dooowwnnnn!*

Spoiler - The Doctor
Don't worry dear! The doctor is he... oh... buggers...

Spoiler - Manipulation
It speaks for itself

Spoiler - A Mountain Of Flesh And Teeth
Yea, basically what the title says

Spoiler - All sorts of REAL animals
Spoiler - A great white shark... head...
This one is pretty old actually, I can't remember the time I drew it (Probably about 2011 or something)
Spoiler - A great white shark, jumping

Spoiler - Humanoid monsters
Spoiler - A crocnoid
The head of a crocodile humanoid

Spoiler - Crocodilian Warrior
A rather old drawing, but just found it under some papers and thought it deserved a spot here

Spoiler - WARNING: Spiders ahead, don't press if you have arachnophobia :i
Spoiler - Really big fantasy spider
I was watching a lot of lord of the rings at the time being (The drawing is from 2011 I think).

Spoiler - My old tarantula drawn on paper
He was the cutest hairball in the world

Spoiler - A wolfie spider

Spoiler - Comic-like drawings (Of humans n' stuff)
Spoiler - Guitar Hero
A freakin guitar hero

Spoiler - A lone ranger...
A lone ranger dwelling in no man's land

Spoiler - Another guitar hero!
Was a little inspired by Dimebag Darryl, as well as the frontman of Machinehead, a grain of Zakk Wylde... and for some reason Rob Zombie also sneaked into the picture


Spoiler - Human Anatomy
The Human Heart <3


The Human Brain

Spoiler - Dragons
Spoiler - A Mighty Red Dragon!
A mighty red dragon

Spoiler - A slightly peaceful one (And old drawing)
An elder dragon (And an old drawing too)...

Spoiler - A whole dragon!
Iz cute

Spoiler - (A really fast drawn) Dragon Head
This one took a few minutes to draw. Came out better than expected.

Spoiler - The King Of The Mountain
Yes, dragons have slaves to dig riches for them. Did you think they'd steal the whole damn treasure? Pff...

Spoiler - Monsters (Gore, blood... a little freaky/creepy)
Spoiler - Harbinger of fear
Fear has many faces.

Spoiler - The Grim Reaper

Spoiler - Alien Head
Spoiler - Burning zombie monster skull!
As the spoiler says! It's a zombie, skull, juggernaut, burning monster thingy... I just draw stuff that comes to my mind mkay? And for some reason, this did! XD
Spoiler - Really bloody alien drawing
Gore! Horror! Blood! Aliens!

Spoiler - A random foul, undead-like gory beast
I drew this one in school in a Danish lesson I think... I was bored... until this fella came to my mind for some reason

Spoiler - A new type of alien!

Spoiler - Another alien-like horror beast/creature

Spoiler - Heartripper
Not to be confused with a "Heartbreaker". A heartbreak can be healed, but ripping one out... that's... just cruel...

Spoiler - The Spinechest
It has a spine on it's chest, the brain on the outside, and spiked armor growing from the inside out, leaving scars and decaying flesh.

Spoiler - The Crawl
Hello darkness...

Spoiler - Black Tritonus Cover 1
Pretty brutal

Spoiler - "He"

Spoiler - Mauled Out Of Existence
Unrelenting malice...

Spoiler - Eaten from the inside
So I was actually drawing some random gore/alien stuff again, starting from the mouth, when I suddenly realized: "Hey, I could form this badboy into a skull". And then it just sorta went out like this;

Spoiler - Through the mouth of evil, malice is reborn
Evil stuff ye.

Spoiler - The pit of ghouls
The boys are hungry.

Spoiler - ... To serve in heaven or rule in hell?
That's the question innit?

Spoiler - Dinosaurs :3
Spoiler - A Recently Discovered Chinese Raptor!
Spoiler - Not so "scary/gory" monsters
Spoiler - Sobek - The Crocodile God
My own adaption of the real egyptian god "Sobek"

47 Update Logs

Update #47 : by Carcharodontosaurus 10/05/2021 8:00:45 pmOct 5th, 2021

Added 2 new drawings to the blog:

"Ravenous Sea"
"Jaws that shatter bone"

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07/01/2022 9:02 am
Level 26 : Expert Creeper
CC and CB Official
CC and CB Official avatar
This should be in a museum and rated a slick 10/10 by Leonardo Da Vinci.
10/10/2021 9:41 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Button Pusher
Christmaswreath avatar
This should be in a gallery
10/10/2021 4:37 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Fish
Carcharodontosaurus avatar
Thanks hehe.

I do use some of the dinosaur drawings as a reference to my fossil collection. So in my own personal collection, I'll have say a tooth from a specific species, and then have a framed drawing of said species next to it, so that I can bring the fossil to life.
10/09/2021 4:21 pm
Level 43 : Master Wizard
Whispearl avatar
so cool, epic
10/10/2021 7:19 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Fish
Carcharodontosaurus avatar
10/05/2021 9:22 pm
Level 45 : Master uwu
Felidae avatar
Your drawings are insane dude
10/10/2021 7:19 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Fish
Carcharodontosaurus avatar
Thank you!
09/16/2021 8:53 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Architect
Theotmt avatar
holyfrig those dinosaurs look

05/14/2020 2:16 am
Level 35 : Artisan Loremaster
047Gaming avatar
omg the aliens look AMAZING
10/15/2019 11:05 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Kitten
PickleCat avatar
This is really good! not sure if you play skyrim or not.. but the ''a whole dragon'' in the dragon spoiler king of looks like the dragons you fight in skyrim when they're on the ground, or i'm thinking of another game idk
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