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Let's start by asking a simple question.

The place that started it all.

Why do you think this site is addicting?
Is it because of the unnatural amount of friendly people, or is it because of the joy you get from uploading something and seeing it become more famous? Perhaps your afraid. Afraid of how the world will react to you, to the things you love doing, to the things that you enjoy? I maybe wrong, but it maybe because on the internet the possibilities are endless! Think of anything, anything no matter how strange, now believe it or not, but there is someone on the internet who enjoys these things! It's strange isn't it?

The world with out it.

The world with out the internet is pretty dull, but what are benefits of a world with out the internet. Well the world would be way more un-civilized that's for sure, but information can be misleading, it could take you places that you never wanted to go. This topic could make me wonder about so many things, but you could comment your ideas. More importantly have you ever hated a person? Anyone, and why?

Could you be hated for doing the good?

A person could do the right thing, and be loved by all! Like some type of kingdom setting, but a lot of the time it's the opposite. Especially on the internet. The internet is a place where anyone could become a villain in a second, even that person was doing a perfectly normal thing. Everyone is venerable!? Why though? Well I can't see what happens in everyone's mind, but my opinion is that people want what they enjoy to stay the same, even if that thing damages the environment. Well just look at real life; people eat unhealthy food just because it testes good, or that people use damaging waste even when they know that it pollutes the planet... Well at least we know that when people want a change they can do so with, or with out force. I hope I didn't end the story a little bit tougher than usual, but what can I say? I write great stories, and submit them on a Minecraft website. As a thank you for reading the story here is a nice looking image for your eyes to enjoy.

The end could take longer to happen.

Also this blog was made by: Nitgo
Though the art wasnt...
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07/03/2019 9:59 am
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Group
I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at BUT that's okay, I did enjoy reading your thoughts on PMC, the internet, ease of becoming an online villain, unhealthy choices and your confidence in your story writing.

You go from topic to topic which is a fun way of allowing your mind to wander and it can lead to some interesting ideas. Also, my eyes did enjoy your image choices!
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