Archering Fail? against an invis guy maybe (read description)

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avatar k-man2134
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Archering fail caused to a bugged/glitched guy who becomes invis?

Archering = No probs
Sniping = No probs
invis guy = yes i have a problem

Super note (must read) = (This article makes no sense if you havent alrdy noticed)

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any problems archering like a pro?
some tips:
A still person = Shoot straight at them
A running person = Shoot in front of them
A person who hasnt seen you yet = DONT SNIPE THEM GO KILL THEM!!!
A person trying to outplay you = well you cant really do much can you? you just need lucky shots
An animal? = No probss though you might need two arrows :D (depending on what it is)
So what if we brought in an invisible guy = (got any opiniuns write in comments section BELOW!!) 
Ok now my opinion if we brought an invis guy = if u are playing sg and ur in dm be sure to keep running. better if you hide in a corner be cause they will have to come to ur face to kill. and shooting? well if your trying to snipe him Shoot in random areas wont be a problem except YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS

Thanks for looking and Another SUPER NOTE (this article does make no sense at all)
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