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ArmadaCraft Minecraft server review!

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Well here we are in a blog/review.It's been quite a while since i have posted a blog and I apologize for that. I had some thing come up and yea...But anyways here we are with a review of the highly anticipated ArmadaCraft server. Well here we go.


Basic info:

Owner: CaptainSparklez

Main Focus: Hunger Games

IP: play.armadacraft.com

Premium: N/A (In progress)

Average amount of players at a time: 300-450

Whitelist: Removed due to lag issues

When I first heard that the Captain was going to have a server, I was pumped. I Knew that when it came out that I was going to have to play on it. So once the server came out I could say I was impressed. The lobby is big and nifty looking. After you have teleported into the Hunger Games lobby, You will be impressed too. They lobby is nice and big. It has parkour and is a multi-leveled lobby that sports a large version of Sparkles' logo at the bottom. I decided to play a game or 2. So I found out that there is 4 game types: Kit,Solo,Power, and Classic. Now kit mode has a few classes that include tank, and ender. So far no extra premium kits. Classic is simply classic mode. Now Keep in mind that on this server 'Power-Ups' Spawn in chests. Power-Ups can range from fire balls to horse spawns.They add an almost modded feel to the games. But since the server is in beta and updates happen regularly, I have no idea if they have the power-ups in classic. Solo is almost like classic only no teams.Only 1 problem. There is nothing that keeps you from simply teaming. That was a problem I ran into while playing. Some people would team and try to kill everyone while everyone else is flying solo. Now Power mode is simply where you get a short status effect that cycles through about 5 different effects. They effects last for about 10 seconds but can really save you. Say you have 1 heart and no regen. The speed effect can help you escape and hide till you can fight again.

Now after I began the game I was suprized. All of the weapons and armor are name after mythological gods such as Zeus,Juno, and Diana. The weapons that spawn range from wood axe to stone sword. The armor ranges from leather to chain. They weapons and armor are sometimes enchanted.

A few suggestions:

Nerf the horses. Make them timed. It is too hard to hit someone on a horse while they are playing Ring around the Rosie with you. Make slighty better armor such as iron and maybe the super rare diamond. Also make the weapons better as well.


An Over all fun server. It is good already and I see alot of potential in it.



Thx for reading!

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