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A Drawing of KelsiThePyrofly

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Level 20 : Expert Fish
Hello! I originally had this on a forum post but I didn't post on it enough (busy with school and stuffs) and it became inactive. I'll be continuing to post the finished drawings here and I'll be PMing them to the requesters as well.

I am not currently taking requests, just finishing up with the ones that I already have:
Names of Requesters (finished and working on)
I have a lot of requests at the moment so if you request something now please be prepared to wait. Thanks!

Zyress - Skin Drawing Finished!

Bowmanimmortal - PMC Profile Banner Finished!

archetypes - Skin Drawing Finished!

Rachet55 - Skin Drawing ο»ΏFinished!

KelsiThePyrofly - Skin Drawing Finished!

Kabesuu - Profile Pic Drawing Finished!

wafflehunter34 - Profile Picture Working on it...

princesspsycho - Space Picture Not started yet!

xXka3lXx - PMC Profile Banner Not started yet!

Links Freind - Profile Picture Not started yet!

anonymous_moose - Skin Drawing Not started yet!

Daesung - Marilyn Manson // Brian Hugh Warner Portrait Not started yet!

ChamberCrafter - Minecraft Drawing Not started yet!

The_Walking_Pants - The "Derpiest" PMC Profile Picture Not started yet!

FloofyGamingFreak - Server Icon Not started yet!

sgtforge2000 - Skin Drawing Not started yet!

AirshipsEverywhere - Realistic Skin Drawing Not started yet!

IEpicDestroyer - MC Server Icon Not started yet!

Moridis - OC Drawing Not started yet!

IndyJacksonTT - Profile Pic Not started yet!

The MC Hub - Person Drawing Not started yet!

Original Forum Post

My DeviantArt Page

Credit:Thanks to everyone who requested for giving me things to draw! :)

Update #2 : 01/08/2018 9:34:06 pm1/08/18

Finished drawing for Kabesuu 1-8-18
"The greatest teacher, failure is" -my favorite quote from TLJ

Update #1 : 12/17/2017 11:33:07 pm12/17/17

Finished drawing for KelsiThePyrofly!! :D 12-17-17
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good stuff
Thanks man

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