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Asking for OP - What to do / Not to do

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Greytopher avatar Greytopher
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Hi guys, Greytopher here with a blog explaining to you know who, on why asking for OP, will probably never work in their future. I'm here to help you achieve OP without asking for it, and how to achieve it fast.

Why do you ask?

For me, when it comes for people asking for OP, it's usually a kid wanting some sort of position of power either to grief or to have fun with it. What I don't understand is, why do they ask? OP (which means Operator, for Minecraft), is the power of literally controlling the whole server. You have access to every command, which means you can either help with server mistakes, or, destroy it in severe ways that may mean resetting the map. Either way, asking for OP is one of the things you don't want to do, even if you want it.

If you want OP, being direct about it will usually not give you it. Server owners and moderators know griefers usually when they see them, and asking for OP is a trait among them. If you want OP, you'll have to be patient, leaniet, and most of all helpful among other players in the community. Over no circumstances shall you be marked the "enemy" of the server, and if anything you should be the person that everyone likes.

Achieving OP the easy way...

Now, achieving OP can happen in a variety of ways, but in this I'll be telling you the basics of how to get it. These helpful tips under any circumstances aren't suppost to help you grief, but more rather help the server in a time of need.

  1. When going for OP, you should really never ask for it. The more you ask for something, the more you won't get it, so being patient and helpful are two key things in achieving OP.

2. Help in anyway you can with the server. Being known as "the helpful guy" can really get you places. Get to know the players, help them out with what ever needs they have.

3. Get to be friends with the owner(s). If you know the guy that runs the server, you have to make yourself present in his Minecraft life. Help him out.

4. Above all, be patient! It may be tedious work waiting to achieve OP, but it will be worth it. If your not patient, you won't achieve anything. The owner(s) will just think you're impatient and only wanting OP, which you don't want them to think like that.

What NOT to do...

Now, I've seen many failed attempts of achieving OP before, but there are some obvious guidelines that you need to know.

One of the most frequent things that I've seen is "Hi, I'm from Planet Minecraft inspecting your server for review. Can I have OP to check out your server?" I know this originally started from a Youtube video from a griefing team called ICanHazGrief. Since then, I believe (this is off of the top of my head) they've gotten over a million hits on Youtube, and since then the PMC employee thing has started. First off, this breaks rule number one. Never ask for OP directly. You never ask the server owner for OP no matter what, even if your a complete stranger. If they don't know you, there's a very low chance you'll achieve anything.

Number two, don't impersonate PMC staff. When it comes to that, things like "Minecraftnoob123 joined the game" doesn't really cut you as a PMC staff. We all know basically who all the PMC staff's IGN's are, and they're posted on the forums. Impersonation will only make you look bad once your caught, and if anything will get you banned on the spot.

I've also seen people threaten for OP, which in almost all cases, never works. The person threatening is usually bluffing, and is a 11 year old kid not knowing what he's up against. If you don't want to get banned, do not threaten for OP.

Hacking for OP is just the lazy mans way. It ruins the fun of achieving OP, and is usually not successful. Hacking is also bad and can be illegal. Don't be that guy. Don't hack for OP.

Well, that's basically it for this blog, I just want to thank you to my almost 300 subscribers, you're all awesome and I hope to write again to you guys soon. If you have any ideas on what to write about, please feel free to post in the comments. Please keep it appropiate and above all fun to write about. Thanks again, guys!

Thanks for reading!

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Cheers! ~Greytopher

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10/30/2012 9:56 pm
Level 29 : Expert Nerd
SkylanderR2001 avatar
I trust my friend candlebor very mutch :) i will prob. OP him :D
09/18/2012 1:51 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
arayblankenship avatar
this is great on a ton of servers i want to be a mod not so i can grief but to help, i really see no point in griefing. It just seems like you will see a mod being hammered with questions and you want to help but you cant just ask for it ,thx for the help ;)
09/02/2012 9:00 am
Level 22 : Expert Nerd
TheKrillHunter avatar

08/26/2012 9:35 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
[]Hannah[] avatar
Yet another great article topher though i find not asking for op or trying to get helps i have op on 23 different servers and all because im honest. thats another good key be honest.
08/23/2012 9:51 am
Level 28 : Expert Ninja
_books avatar

08/23/2012 6:46 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Pig
Greytopher avatar
Agreed. Yes.
08/20/2012 10:42 am
Level 29 : Expert Pixel Puncher
Haasman29 avatar
What not to do when asking for op: Don't ask.

What to do: Nothing.
08/20/2012 7:16 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Engineer
Fx_ELIT3_PRO avatar
what i can say is well done bu i cant say this is the best advice

i got mod on first day of a sever

and op in 2 weeks i agree with help in anyway but i do have 1 piece of advice to give

make sure the owner is the first one you talk to and that its not that of a popualar server and that some bits need to be built. thats my advice hope you enjoyed this small comment to finish of this blog jolly good show

by professorcraft
08/20/2012 4:38 pm
Level 41 : Master Nerd
LlamaDuck3000 avatar
That server must have been shit if you got Mod in 1 day -_-
08/28/2012 11:15 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Engineer
Fx_ELIT3_PRO avatar
well it isnt its the best i have ever been on
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