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Assassins- A Minecraft Story: Part One

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avatar Pinkflamingos
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Hey everyone! This is the first in a big series I have in mind ;) I hope you enjoy! (the first part may be kinda boring but it gets better, trust me :))
  SunnyDay26 stared out the window of her quaint wooden house. She didn't know what she expected to see; another player, maybe. Sunny was interrupted from her thoughts by a small meowing sound. She looked behind her, but didn't see a cat... She walked out her back door and looked around her garden/farm. Behind a wooden composter a small calico cat mewled in hunger. Sunny gasped in surprise and ran back into her house, grabbing some raw cod from a chest. She snuck out the door, as to not scare the cat, and watched as it crept towards her. She fed it the first few fish from her stack of sixteen, and pixelated hearts came out of its head as it sat down, now a red collar around its neck.
 "I'll name you Butterscotch," Sunny said, picking the cat up and scratching her behind the ears. Butterscotch purred in delight. Sunny walked back inside her house, setting Butterscotch down and telling her to sit. Sunny heard a knock on her front door, and opened it to see a player clad in all black leather armour.

“Can I help you?” Sunny asked respectfully. The player pulled out an item. It was circular, was an orangish color, and had brown and black spots all over it. Sunny widened her eyes in fear and awe.
  "W-what are you doing, sir?" Sunny asked nervously, already knowing the outcome. The player in black threw the Fire Charge onto the wall of Sunny's wooden house. It caught on fire as soon as it made impact. The fire spread faster and faster, spreading to every wooden block of the two-story house. Sunny hurriedly turned to her house.
  "BUTTERSCOTCH!" She shouted in fear. She ran back into her burning home and grabbed her cat, Butterscotch's fur covered in soot. Sunny ran back outside, coughing with her pet, and looked around for the player. No one was there, except for a book and quill on the ground with a title of Join us, or Die. ο»ΏSunny stood there for a moment longer, awestruck with anger and fear for the player who torched her house, and nearly killed Butterscotch.

Yay! Wow! Was that short or what? Sorry about how short it is... I really can't think right now... Sorry about that! But if you enjoyed please comment, leave a diamond, or favorite (or all three if your feeling generous :)) ! Part two is coming soon!

      -Pinkflamingos <3
CreditTo the Minecraft Wiki for providing the picture

2 replies

07/07/2019 1:23 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Love it! Keep up the good work and you'll become popular in no time!
07/07/2019 1:26 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Aww thanks!

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