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Attack of the Mobs - Part 1 - Darkness Ensues

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avatar TheSchiffelman
Level 37 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
TheSchiffelman: There. That's the last block!

I had put together a large mob arena, filled with lava traps and deep pits and was masterly done. The floor was a firm sandstone with scattered bedrock blocks. The inner rim was also bedrock to avoid creeper demolition and the roof was closed in to avoid spiders escaping. The roof was a glass layer under a lava layer, so if the roof broke, lava would pour in to make the battling hardcore. I had made a waiting area for other fighters with some fences and a plank floor leading into a piston doorway that could only be opened from the outside, so it was a fight to the death,

I broke the last glowstone block as the entire colosseum went pitch black.


I waited. 5 minutes...10....20...an hour....

No mobs.

Superdude77: Maybe we need spawners?

TheSchiffelman: It's pitch black, why would we need spawners!?

Superdude was some guy who just joined the server a day ago and was bothering everyone, and this was no different to any other time he's bothered me with stupid ideas.

TheSchiffelman: C'mon! gah, skip it. I'm done.

TheSchiffelman has left the game

Superdude77: Can anyone help here?

Then he realized he was the only one online.

Superdude77 left the game.

Hours went by as some members joined but left soon after, it was a slow day.


TheSchiffelman has joined the game.

TheSchiffelman: Let's check on the arena...

(Teleporting TheSchiffelman to Superdude77)

We entered the piston doors only to be greeted by possibly 100 skeletons, spiders, zombies, endermen, and creepers.

TheSchiffelman: IT WORKED!

Superdude77: Let's fight!


We didn't have to move much to start fighting. Several creepers starting blowing up and skeletons were picking fights with other mobs when trying to shoot us. Spiders quickly climbed the walls and dropped down, surprising Superdude and I to the point where we were backed into a corner.


My iron armor was still halfway good but Superdude had lost his leather pants. I knocked back a zombie after a creeper blew up in front of me and knocked me into a pit surrounded by bedrock. I was trapped.


Superdude started hitting mobs into the pit and I finished them off inside. A creeper found its way in without exploding and worked as a human shield.


Superdude77: Haha, friendly creeper!


The thing blew up and I lost my iron chestplate. Things didn't look good as Superdude had no armor and was running away from the following spiders.
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