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Auto Farming All Overworld Crops: Part 1

Auto Wheat

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avatar Pickleaxe257
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Auto Farms: Part 1

Wheat Farm

Some say it's impossible to make an auto wheat farm. I say otherwise. This will only work with wheat, beetroots, carrots, and potatoes. Two very important things:

1. Villagers
2. Mob Griefing

Fun Fact that you probably already know: Villagers harvest farms. Mob Greifing allows them to do such things. Mob Greifing is also the thing that makes creepers explode houses and enderman to steal your melons. You can turn off Mob Greifing with the command:
/gamemode mobGreifing falseYes, it is case sensitive. Now, on to the building.

Build your normal semi-auto wheat farm, where the water flows on the farmland.
Get a farmer villager to plants. Give him seeds to start his engine! When he reaches the bottom, make water flow into an AI up-elevator. Do that by placing 1x1x1 water, then a sign above it, then water, then sign, until you reach the top. Place flowing water back to the start, then the villager will start again.

Hope this helps!



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  • BetaToTheMax
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  • February 25, 2018, 11:18 am
hey, could you pin a world download to this so I can see it better

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