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Avias the Lone Survivor

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Please leave a comment and or question, down below. If you like my story please give a diamond or like it, because this motivates me to finish the story, thanks everyone :).

Thanks for reading, now let's begin.

CHAPTER 1- My first goodbye:

Father always told me, about he's thoughts on the future. He predicted a war, but not just a war between countries. This war was diffrente, a lot diffrente. Your neighbors would turn on you and kill you, there was no nations to bring unity. "How will it start papa?", Is the question I would ask my dad, whenever he told me he's predictions. "Well son, I can't possibly predict any other ways, but always remember that we are a family, we are one and that I love you son", that's the last time my father told me that. On my 13th birthday a man burst-ed through our door, and shot two poison darts at my fathers chest, it was a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter was wearing dark rags with purple spots here and there. My father was tough, no two poison darts where going to stop my father from fighting. The bounty hunter quickly rushed and attempted to hit my father in the face, but he was to slow. My father quickly hooked him in the face, knocking the bounty hunter completely off balance and on to the floor. "To the back Avias!", he yelled at me to take my mom and I to the room in the back. The bounty hunter got up and revealed he's two hidden daggers, and again he rushed at my father. This time it worked he managed to cut my father's skin multiple times. The poison was slowly crawling into he's system causing him to become dizzy and lose balance. The bounty hunter continued to cut away at my father's body. I could hear he's grunting from the back room, until he snapped. A loud scream was heard, it sounded like a mix of a human and a bird. My father's adrenaline kicked in, but it was more than that. The bounty hunter sliced my father's shirt revealing a symbol that he had since he was born. The symbol looked like a bird and it was glowing green. My father punched the bounty hunter and sent him flying into the wall. My father grabbed a chair and smashed it into the mans face. Leaving the man unconscious and bleeding to death. My father began to grab the next chair before I ran into the fight. "Father No!", I yelled. He stared at me with he's animal like eyes. "He's just like us!, he's doing he's job", I said. My father dropped the chair and quickly collapsed. The poison was destroying him from the inside, he's green glow vanished.
"Son, I never wanted you to see this side of me"
"It's ok dad"
"We only have a few more minutes together, the poison has to do its job to you know?", he chuckled.
"Don't leave me dad, I need you! The war!" my eyes filled up with tears.
"Don't worry son, i'll always be here, you're 13 now be tough."

My father put he's palm over he's bird symbol and absorbed it's energy. He's bird symbol disappeared from he's body.and he slowly moved he's hand to my upper-back.
"Take this my son."
"What is it dad?"
My mom quickly interrupted "You promised, you wouldn't give it to our son."
"He had to get it some time!" my dad yelled.
"What's going on??" I yelled.

"It's a symbol of our........"
"Dad? Dad! DAD!, answer me!" I shook him, he didn't wake up. My mom took me to my room and shortly after the guards came to bury the bodies. The funeral was small, only three people attended, my mom, the priest, and me. My father was buried in a mine, he always loved the mine. He said it was the answer to all of our problems, I never understood what he meant. What did my father give me, why is there a weird looking bird on my back? Those were the questions that have puzzled me for years.
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