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Awesome Minecraft Paper Cut-outs

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Bob_In_Soup avatar Bob_In_Soup
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Hello guy s, Bob here. I haven't made a post in a LONG time. So today I am going to be showing you some stuff that I used to make my paper creepers and stuff. They are super easy to make, all you need is paper, scissors, a printer, glue, colored ink (opt.), and maybe some tape. So here is the site you can get everything at minecraftpapercraft.com/ <---- That is very useful, I used it to make all the paper MC characters I have. My camera is not working right now so I can't show you exactly what they look like, but, you should be able to figure it out. So lets get to it.

So first, you need to go to the site, I found this site on Google. minecraftpapercraft.com/

Next, you need to find the character,mob,block, etc.

You need to save the image to your computer (Don't worry, it is safe to download).

Open it in a photo editing software or something.

Print it out and cut all the pieces.

Fold and glue all the flaps according to how it shows you.


Thanks for reading guys, this didn't take long to make but everything is appreciated, so, yeah. PEACE


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