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For this art and more, visit me on Deviantart!


I take commissions! PM me if you're interested and we can discuss it.


~ Programs and Materials I Use ~

(free digital art software)

(animated sprite editor and pixel art tool)

Traditional Media
(PM or comment if you have a question about what I used to make a specific piece!)

Genshin Impact has a housing system that allows you to place A LOT of stuff. I finally finished the exterior!

Genshin Impact: A Mondstat Getaway
Azie's Art Blog
Azie's Art Blog
Azie's Art Blog

Assorted FFXIV glamours for those of you who play.

For those of you who don't, Final Fantasy 14 Online has a really in depth outfit customization system where you can mix and match hundreds of different armor pieces as cosmetic items and each one looks super different. Lots of them are dyable too!

I like giving myself a theme or a specific item that I like and working around it to make a full outfit.

Moonfire Beachwear

Skallic Edgemage

Namazu Groupie

Made some Twitch flair/buttons. :)

Green and Blue Twitch Channel Flair

More hue-shifting, but this time with red and purple. Geometric background because why not? I like geometric stuff. It relaxes me.

Just An Apple

I tried my hand at hue shifting for the first time and made a limited palette gif. The first one I've ever made. :)

It Flickers

Something I wanted to play around with in an art group I'm in each week. I finished the bark with the materials I had at home (a page from a National Geographic and some glue). Will probably finish it next week, but I wanted to upload it since I thought it looked neat just like this too.

Collage Tree

Something I made a month or so ago. Playing with more water colors and I watch Bob Ross a lot, so I made a landscape.

Purple Mountain Majesty

I decided to make something for my dad for Christmas this year with my new water colors, so I drew a deer. I don't really draw animals, but he turned out good. :)

It's a Deer

SirTwiggy is my favorite streamer and he's such a neat dude. He plays all sorts of games like Project Zomboid, Neo Scavenger, and Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead. Proud member of the 42nd, he's trying to make it as a streamer and I think he's great, so I figured I'd share him! He takes an educational approach to gaming and answers lots of questions about the games he plays on his streams. He also has a pretty dang good singing voice. :)

Bless his cotton socks! Check him out below. :)

SirTwiggy on Twitch

SirTwiggy on Youtube

SirTwiggy on Twitter

SirTwiggy Doodle

Terraria 1.3 came out this past week and I made a neat base. Decided to share it here. Everything included in this side of my base (there's another side that was far less interesting so I didn't include it) was obtained via playing the game. No cheats involved.

Terraria 1.3 Base

Found my old portfolio full of stuff I haven't posted here or on Deviantart yet. Here's some random mushrooms I doodled a while back. :)


Kawaiitoast requested some art for the cover of their art blog and I was feeling arty. :)

kawaiitoast's Art Blog Cover

Doors With Windows: 1.8+ Resource Pack

Doors With Windows is a micro-pack for Minecraft 1.8+. With the addition of new door types for each wood type, there came some windowless doors. I like to see who's knocking, so I added windows to the dark oak and spruce block and item textures. Both textures are faithful to vanilla and should fit in very
well with other packs as well as the vanilla assets.

Screenshot of the "Before and After"


You may:
Use this pack in Youtube videos.

You may not:
Redistribute or sell this pack or the textures included in it.
Edit these textures without permission.


Since the new banner tab was added, I've decided to add a section to this art blog to showcase banners (since they don't show up on my profile, as far as I can see).

This vase was inspired by my boyfriend while he was playing FTL. There was something about the way he was sitting, I guess. Yay for bad posture. :P

Sunflower Vase

This one was a commission request I recieved on Steam from djmike88. It's based on a skin he usesin-game. :)

djmike88's DJ Avatar

I browse the PMC forums a lot and there are always plenty of threads (and blogs >.>) seeking technical help with servers and whatnot. Many people provide the error report they recieve regarding their issue, but a lot of others leave me feeling a lot like this little comic I doodled when I was bored this afternoon. (Always include the error report. Otherwise you make a sad Azie.)

Also, propeller hat guy returns.


A lot of people ask me what my hate mail looks like, so I made a little comic thingy.

Hate Mail

ZvedeENG requested this cool scarecrow based off the Minecraft skin they use on their Youtube channel.

ZvedeENG's Scarecrow

This is a little something I sketched to test my scanner. I spent a lot of hours painstakingly converting it to something digital I wanted to post here. :) Paril (left), Zaralith (right), Cyprezz (back), and myself (middle) all stand on top of a representation of Planet Minecraft.

Overlords of PMC

Hobodacious requested this channel art based off of Minecraft chicken (which I evidently couldn't draw very well so I changed it to drumsticks) and the skin they use on their Youtube channel.

Hobodacious' Channel Art

Jesuitical requested some channel art with a character based off his Minecraft skin the_soup made for him. I doodled and doodled and found a way to make him not look like he was 5 years old (very hard to do with my art style, evidently).

Jesuitical's Channel Art

If you like my art and my Youtube videos and want to support me in a more physical way, you can do so by donating at the link below. :) No one is obligated to and it does not affect whether or not I will take requests, but it is very appreciated. All donations go to getting better art/gaming equipment and programs and games to play for all of you on my channel. :)




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05/24/2020 3:31 pmhistory
Level 44 : Master Wisp
Bowmanimmortal avatar
So I know this blog is kinda old but that doesn't really matter with art blogs.

I love the fact I actually read the whole hate mail thing and the only part I cared about was that he said you can't do that to us kids and I'm pretty sure you have to be 13+ to even join PMC, not that kids care these days. Like, the reason that rule is in place is to prevent literally what he stated.
04/30/2020 1:25 am
Level 44 : Master Sus
Whiteout- avatar
"i hope u and ur family burn together"

wow this actually happens to u just for removing a skin?

these ppl needa chill.
04/30/2020 1:23 am
Level 44 : Master Sus
Whiteout- avatar
hatemail one made me laugh at 1:00 am xD

03/13/2020 9:08 pm
Level 29 : Expert Button Pusher
EnderFlame_ avatar
he treats you worse than poop.
says jk.
then wants you to sub to him.
*shrugs* Sounds about right.
08/23/2019 12:02 pm
Level 42 : Master Archer
Just25Savage avatar
nice job azie! but what a failure!!!!! XD
08/21/2018 1:16 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Artist
Antiquez avatar
dont make sad azie
04/21/2018 5:40 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Artist
GoldPlatedKikimora avatar
a great failure
04/21/2018 6:15 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Grump
Azie avatar
04/21/2018 7:12 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Artist
GoldPlatedKikimora avatar
such a wise elder to drink from the pool of wine yet i create a better wine
03/29/2018 7:40 pm
Level 28 : Expert Blacksmith
striker107 avatar
Hatemail, 1+ diamond. (And because of the other stuff)
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