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B@lable (Three blue dot cult)

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The Creation

When the seed was created there was only the void. Then the God of Minecraft came in to existence. He wanted to create a world but he was too lazy to do it himself so he created a blue dot (as he had no artistic talent) to do it for him. This was the Dot of Land. The Dot of Land created a beautiful seed with huge mountains, flowing rivers and sun to give light.
The God of Minecraft explored this new world for 3 days but quickly got bored.

  "Nothing is happening!" he cried. So he created another blue dot. This was the Dot of Life. The Dot of Life created mobs such pigs, cows, villagers and parrots. She also created a system to keep more coming in which he named "spawning". Satisfied, the God of Minecraft lay down and watched the time go by.

After a week the world was extremely cramped so the God of Minecraft created the third and final blue dot, the Dot of Death. The Dot of Death created despawning in which mobs would, over time, disappear, but this wasn't fast enough so he created other hazards like lava, fall damage and cacti. If something died not by despawning, the Dot of Death made it so there would be a poof of smoke as their soul floated up to the clouds where they remained. Also, with help from the Dot of Life, he created the first hostile mob, a zombie.

Now it was perfect and the God of Minecraft lay down and slept but a month later he heard a ring on his inter-dimensional phone. It was from Notch a human from Earth. Notch asked the God of Minecraft if he could let players go from Earth to Minecraft. The God of Minecraft agreed but many mobs didn't like the new players as they killed their family and ruined the landscape so they became hostile to the players and attacked them on site.

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