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Backpacks Mod Review 1.4.7 [Now for 1.5.1!]


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Welcome Minecraftians!
Today I'll will show you the fantastic mod formerly by MightyPork, now continued by Eydamos.
This mod adds backpacks which can be used as portable chests!
The normal backpack holds as much space as a small chest.
The big backpack holds twice as much.
Backpacks cannot be put into each other, and trying to click the backpack you have open will toss it onto the ground.
Big backpacks are crafted with tanned leather, which is bound leather put in a furnace.
All backpacks can be crafted with a color, during their carfting, or after they were crafted.
You can overwrite colors, and adding a piece of leather reverts it to its original color.
Only the correct leather used to craft it will work!
Ender backpacks are connected to your ender inventory.
They can't be upgraded, like the other packs.
If you were to have your inventory filled with big backpacks, you can have an outstanding 1944 slots of space!
This mod is updated to 1.4.7, and requires forge.
I did not test compatibility with my normal mods due to forge crashing for some reason by them.

Here is the download link! www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1492661-147-backpacks-v-168/page__hl__%20backpack

Here's the YouTube video! www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wNyb6l2PUQ

Good bye people! See you next time!

~UPDATE 1.5.1
Nothing new for this mod. It is highly likely that it might be bug fixes, but mostly will not change.

Credit:MightyPork for the original idea, and Eydamos for continuing the mod!

Update for 1.5.1 : 04/30/2013 6:33:01 am4/30/13

Now new features have been introduced. maybe bug fixes.

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