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Bank robbery story! (For school)


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So if you have seen my other story it was for school. In that term we had to provide 2 peices this is my 2nd one :) Its a bank robbery btw, based on payday  :D



Four men enter the Harvest & Trustee Bank, located in California. Their names, Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains. They

go guns blazing, right through the front door. ‘EVERYONE DOWN NOW’ they yelled. Everyone screamed in a panic, but

Wolf said in a loud voice ‘Stay calm, and don’t move. Touch your phone, and you’re gone.’ Dallas whispered to Chains,

‘Go get the thermal drill, round the back, it’s in a blue Ute’. Hoxton, goes into the teller room and grabs the cash from

the desks and walks out. Chains went to the manager’s office and grabbed the key card to the security camera room.

He slides the card through the security card lock and enters the room. He says to the guard, ‘Touch your pager, and

you won’t see your family again.’ The guard puts his hands behind his back, And Chains cuffed him with some wire.

Chains yells out ‘Cops Out Front!’ Dallas, Hoxton and Wolf come running to Chains. ‘Get Ready Boys’ Wolf says quietly

to his 3 accomplices. The police out the front pull around the corner and stop. They get out very quickly and go to the

side of the car where they have cover. Officer Greg, Says on the radio, ‘We need a S.W.A.T team here now!’ All units in

the area please respond code 1. Wolf says to his mates, ‘160 seconds left on the drill’. Two more police cars arrive on

the right hand side of the bank. The three officers from one of the cars try to enter through the side door, But Hoxton is

waiting there for them. As soon as they open the door, Hoxton fires. Killing two of the officers instantly, and injuring the

other one severely. Three S.W.A.T. Trucks arrive. The three teams jump out the back of the vans, and enter via the roof.

They rush the robbers, killing Chains. Wolf Screams ‘CHAINS IS DEAD, I REPEAT CHAINS IS DEAD’. Dallas goes out the

front with his AN-94 and sprays down the two police cars on the right. He hits one officer, and kills the other two. He

walks back in the bank, and says guys get ready, vaults open. They run in and bag the money. Escape vehicle is on the

left in the alley. ‘Go go go!’ Hoxton Says. They run and throw the bags in the escape van and come back for more. Let’s

go! Dallas grabs his saw and starts opening the deposit boxes. ‘Guys we got money and some jewellery in the deposit

boxes. Grab it and we are outta here!’ They grab the remaining loot and throw it in the escape van. They give the signal

to the driver that they are ready to go, and they are off. The police are following though, So Hoxton, Dallas and Wolf

Start firing. They hit police cars making them ram off the road and hitting other vehicles. The police fire back, hitting

Hoxton in the shoulder. ‘I’m hit, I’m hit!’ He screams. Three more shots hit Hoxton. One in the left leg, and one in the

right, the other one in his stomach. ‘Guys, it’s been fun’ He quietly says to them then rolls out of the van onto the road

making three police cars swerve and crash into the side barriers. Officer Greg, Radios back to command, we are in

pursuit of a blue van, with a red and white pattern on the side of it. All units please respond, we need backup ASAP, I

repeat ASAP. Get all units within a 10 mile radius to respond over. Dallas and Wolf close the doors on the van, Wolf

says to Dallas, ‘How are we going to get out this bro?’ he asked worriedly. ‘I really don’t know man, let’s just pray to

god we do’. Replied Dallas. The escape Driver Says to them ‘Guys, The van is about to break down from all the shooting

from the police’ ‘Damn it’ Wolf and Dallas yelled. ‘Just pull over, it’s over guys’. The driver pulls over. Wolf and Dallas

jump out the back with their hands above their heads and get on their knees. One of the S.W.A.T. Teams walks up to

the two robbers slowly and carefully. Two officers from the team, get their cuffs out and cuff Dallas and Wolf. Dallas

says to Wolf, ‘It’s been good bro.’ ‘Yea man, For sure.’ Wolf Replies. Wolf is taken away in one S.W.A.T. van, and Dallas

in another. Dallas gets sentenced to death, and Wolf gets a life sentence.


 Thanks for reading! Hope  you enjoyed :)

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  • Sjoorm
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • March 2, 2014, 12:09 am
I had to make an account just to comment on your trash, feel lucky. First off, do you have downs? Honest question. Secondly, does whatever shitty parent that allowed you to post this own a shotgun with which they can blow their own face off with?? Cause if this was homework, I wouldn't let my dog within a fucking football field radius of this piece of shit. If your teacher doesn't fail you instantly for using both present and past tense for your entire story I swear to god our education system has failed you, son. Because I already nitpicked the fuck out of your shittyy piece of shit to my friend, I'm gonna close this with the fact that California doesn't support the death penalty anymore, dickwad.
And also buddy, I'm not American for one... And I don't care what you say... This is like 2 yrs old...
Lol... Didn't need to be so harsh about it?
  • nolez15
  • Level 19
  • Journeyman Toast
  • March 1, 2014, 11:34 pm
You are soooooooooooooooooo getting suspended when you submit this, lol.
I didn't :3

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