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Banned By Admin. Why? Who knows.

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avatar jankajow123
Level 25 : Expert Toast
Ever been banned without doing anything? Because earlier on today I went on one of my favourite servers, and within 5mins I was banned. My friend was still on the server and asked why I had been banned, the admin replied "She griefed my house." The liar, I have never griefed anything in my life. I was so annoyed I sent him a message and commented on his planetminecraft page. Then before I knew it, my friend had been banned for trying to say I hadn't done anything.

I want to know whether anyone else has had the same issue, becuase I think we should be able to argue bans on the server before anyone is banned. When I was banned, I was confused and annoyed, on top of that he will probably be days before anyone sees my message and considers unbanning me. So I want to know, firstly if this has happened to you, and secondly, how can people, like me convince an admin that they didn't grief?
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