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Bastion Remnants & Ruined Portals!

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Hipercreative avatar Hipercreative
Level 48 : Master Technomancer
A snapshot review by Hipercreative

In today's snapshot we got a handful of new features, all of them are really exciting! (to me at least)
Mojang's team have blessed us with some features which change the landscape just a little.

"Bastion remnants, or "home sweet home" as Piglins would call them, are finally here! This snapshot introduces the home of the Piglins. If you scour the world you might also find ruins of some old portals." -from the patch notes.

The list of new features:
  • Added Bastion Remnants!
  • Added Ruined Portals
  • Added chain blocks
  • Added a new music disc titled "Pigstep" by Lena Raine which can only be found in Bastions Remnants
I went to have a look for myself and I got some pictures for you about the new stuff.
As you can see the portals can generate both under and above ground. They do make a mess that's for sure...

Bastion Remnants & Ruined Portals!
Bastion Remnants & Ruined Portals!

Of course there is a nether counterpart too, I only found these two so far. I'm not certain if there are more and I believe they made more variations, but you'll have to find those for yourselves! ;)

Bastion Remnants & Ruined Portals!

The bastions look someting like this. They are kind of random too just like normal Fortresses. They are made of 4 separate Remnant types: Bridge, Hoglin Stable, Housing Units, and Treasure Room. You can find these sizable structures in all biomes in the Nether except the treacherous ash-dusted towers of Basalt Deltas

The chain block has been finally added! I waited years for it tbh. They are just like the ones you've already seen on lanterns before. Sweet!

Other important changes are as follows. I got the ones here which are not that technical.
  • The piglin banner pattern can now be found in Bastion Remnants.
  • Increased the amount of lava pools to make the deltas more "deltary".
  • Expanded the max size per axis of Structure Blocks from 32 to 48. (neat!)
The rest of the changes are bug fixes and tech stuff, those who are interested in that should have a look at the patch notes themselves. If you find any any bugs report them on the MC Issue Tracker please!

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04/15/2020 7:47 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Bear
EmeraldBat67 avatar
COuld you fix the photos so i can actually see them?
04/16/2020 12:24 am
Level 48 : Master Technomancer
Hipercreative avatar
I'm not sure why you can't see them so I don't think so.
04/19/2020 10:10 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Bear
EmeraldBat67 avatar
I can see them now.
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