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Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy P2 (NOT ON FORUMS YET) - Recipe for Disaster

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Thank you viewers, voters, and all who read this and voted.
Welcome back to the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy. If you missed the first part, let me catch you up.

A select group of 30 Minecraft mobs are competing in a big contest to win the ENCHANTED NETHERITE TROPHY. You are one of the
judges/runners of the contest. As the organizer of the contest, it is my job to tell you the rules of the contest. The rules are as follows:

  • One mob is eliminated in each contest unless otherwise noted.
  • You (the judge) will vote on who is eliminated.
  • Eliminated mobs can rejoin in special rejoining votes.
  • The last mob remaining wins.

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Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy P2 - Recipe for Disaster

Here are the contestants
Team #1: Alleviation
- Allay
- Copper Golem
- Glare
- Axolotl

- Moobloom
- Cow
- Mooshroom
- Phantom
- Glow Squid
- Warden

Team #2: The Raiders (& the raided)
- Pillager
- Vindicator
- Evoker
- Iceologer
- Illusioner
- Vex
- Ravager
- Villager
- Wandering Trader
- Iron Golem

Team #3: Everyone Else
- Cat (safe?)

- Bee (safe?)
- Enderman (safe?)
- Goat (safe 1 vote)
- Piglin (safe? 1 vote)
- Wolf (safe 2 votes)
- Frog (safe 1 vote)
- Piglin Brute (safe? 1 vote)
- Hoglin (safe 3 votes)
- Tadpole (out? 7 votes)- ELIMINATED[????]

Last time, Team #3: Everyone Else lost the hide and seek contest. You guys voted for the member of Everyone Else that you wanted to leave BENT and the results are in. I call everybody over to the auditorium for the elimination ceremony and the members of Everyone Else head to the front, while all the others sit in the front rows to spectate. Today, safe contestants will be getting apples as a prize. Because Alleviation and The Raiders (& the raided) were not the first to have all their members found last time, all of them get an apple. The cows are excited to have something sweet to eat.
- INSERT ELIMINATION HERE - (it's prob gonna be tadpole.)
So, now I only have nine apples left, and there are 10 players on Everyone Else. Nine of you Elsers will be getting an apple, but one of you will not! Since this is our first time doing an elimination, the way this works is that safe contestants get a prize, but if you don't get a prize, you are eliminated! Let's see who will be going back to the dorms and will not win the Enchanted Netherite Trophy!
Looks like we got 16 votes. I didn't expect to get that many votes in this first game!
The first ones safe today are Cat, Bee, and Enderman. You all got 0 votes. You were the only ones. The rest of you got at least 1 vote. In fact, exactly four of you got exactly one vote each, and those four are Piglin Brute, Frog, Piglin, and Goat. All four of them get apples. Next safe is Wolf who only got 2 votes. Now it's down to our final two. Let's see who won't be winning the Enchanted Netherite Trophy! Who's it going to be? Will it be Hoglin or will it be Tadpole? Let's see who's going home today!
*dramatic drumroll dun dun dunnnn*
Before I show the votes, let's see what the voters had to say!

Hoglin is not amused by this.
SEfaught The Aerial says "A T H O U S A N D T A D P O L E S"
and StarbucksLatias says "Tadpole is sooo useless so he goes away! Then Hoglin next!"
Now let's see who's out!
Hoglin got three votes, so he is safe! So that means at a shocking 7 votes, it's the end of the game for Tadpole! One of the guards smites the amphibian, and it dies. Some of the other contestants are shocked. Oh yeah, contestants can now die, but don't worry. They will respawn in their dorm unless they reset their spawn point elsewhere.

Now for today's game!
Today's game is a cooking contest. Everybody should cook some food. Contestants who can't cook don't have to, but their team will lose points. Capable teammates can make food for them. Each item of food will be judged based on appearance and taste on a scale from 1 to 10. There are no recipes and you can use any ingredients. Also, sabotaging the other teams is not allowed. Any contestant caught cheating will automatically get a 0 and put their team at risk of being put up for elimination!
Everybody gets to work. Since Allay, Copper Golem, and Warden are the only members on Alleviation that are able to cook. Allay initially wants to make a cheeseburger, but remembers the cows. Insted, she opts for a chicken sandwich. Copper Golem decides to make a taco. Both agree to make something to submit on the behalf of Glare, who clearly can't cook due to the fact that they don't have limbs. While Allay and Copper Golem are cooking their meat in the furnaces, they decide to make a cake for their friend to turn in.
Meanwhile, The Raiders (& the raided) has a huge lead over the other two teams. All but one of their members has arms and can cook. Evoker decides to make a large pot of ramen noodles so that each of the team's 10 members has a bowl of ramen noodles to turn in. Each bowl is topped with an egg, ham, and green onions. All 10 members of The Raiders (& the raided) have something to turn in. The best part for them was that it only took three minutes for it to cook.
Back over with Alleviation, Allay and Copper Golem take the meat out of the furnaces. Allay decorates the chicken sandwich with lettuce and a ripe, red tomato. Copper Golem uses the leftover tomato to put on his taco. They also finish the cake for Glare to turn in. Moobloom, Mooshroom, and Cow all make salads. Warden makes a pizza, and reluctantly makes spaghetti for Axolotl, and pesto on tortellini for Glow Squid. He leaves Phantom's dish to Allay, since she is the only one willing to do it. She decides to let him turn in her chicken sandwich and starts making a new dish to turn in herself. She decides to make Pain au chocolat, a french pastry with chocolate. She puts berries and coffee on the side. Allay is putting (plant based)milk in the coffee, when Vex decides to mess with her just a little bit. He flies straight into her, causing her to spill the milk and coffee. She urges him to leave, and he is soon caught fleeing the scene by a judge. His score is automatically set to a zero.

Everyone Else
is just getting started. Illusioner assumes that with their ability to turn himself invisible, he can easily troll the Elsers. He casts the invisibility spell and heads over to where Everyone Else is struggling to prepare their food. He requests that Evoker assists him in making Everyone Else lose again, but the wizard denies. She tells her teammate that in cheating, they would just be hurting their team. And on top of that, Vex had already gotten points taken away from his team for cheating. Illusioner decides to ignore her. He goes back to Everyone Else's area and starts putting dirt and rocks in the mint chocolate milkshake that Enderman is making. He doesn't notice. Before the spell wears off, he also puts debris in the food the piglins are making. Then, he leaves and goes back to his own team. The remaining members Everyone Else of were unable to cook, and those who could didn't make anything for them.


With everyone having finished their dish, it is time for judging. First up is Alleviation. The judges are impressed with the quality of the food turned in by the seemingly incapable contestants. When they find out that they were helped by their armed teammates, Allay, Copper Golem, and Warden are each given an extra point for helping their teammates. Unsurprisingly, they all get a high score. Next up for judging is The Raiders (& the raided). After judging the fourth bowl of mass-produced ramen, the judges become bored. Pillager, Vindicator, and Evoker had each received a score of 7 for both taste and appearance, but everyone else after them was only given a total score of 6. Allay, not satisfied that Vex had attempted to cheat, goes up and announces to the judges how he had tried to sabotage her. The judges agree, and take half of The Raiders (& the raided)'s combined points away.
Everyone Else is the final team to present their food. Only Enderman, Piglin, and Piglin Brute have food to turn in.The judges are set off by the debris in the food until they find out that Illusioner had sabotaged them. For this, The Raiders (& the raided) lose their remaining points and are up for elimination. Evoker stares at Illusioner angrily, and so do the villagers. The illager and the villagers are somewhat satisfied that they have similar viewpoints on at least one thing. Pillager, Vindicator, and Iceologer also seem to be furious with Vex and Illusioner for making them lose. Illusioner blames Evoker, for it was her idea to all turn in the ramen noodles, but she dismisses him, saying that if he didn't put dirt in Everyone Else's food, their team could've won. To stop an inevitable looming conflict between the members of the losing team, the guards teleport them into the dorms.

Vote on a member of The Raiders (& the raided) to be eliminated. Whoever gets the most votes will leave the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy. Part 3 will be released when voting for this is over.
CreditThis was inspired by Battle For Dream Island (which I no longer watch)

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