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BENT 12 Vote on forums: Above and Behold

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Note: This one is longer because I have more time. I wanted to make more time before the elimination/game to develop the characters outside of the competition. I'm also liking it more than chapter 11 so far, so that's good :D
Thank you, viewers, voters, and all who read this and voted.
Welcome back to the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy. If you missed the first part, let me catch you up.
BENT 12 Vote on forums: Above and Behold

A select group of 30 Minecraft mobs hand-picked from a pool of many is competing in a big contest to win the elusive ENCHANTED NETHERITE TROPHY. You are one of the
judges of the contest. As the organizer of the contest, it is my job to tell you the rules of the contest. The rules are as follows:

  • One mob is eliminated in each contest unless otherwise noted.
  • You (the judge) will vote on who is eliminated.
  • Eliminated mobs can rejoin in special rejoining votes.
  • The last mob remaining wins.

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Here are the contestants
Team #1: Alleviation
- Allay
- Copper Golem
- Glare
- Axolotl

- Moobloom
- Cow
- Mooshroom
- Warden

Team #2: The Raiders (& the raided)
- Pillager
- Vindicator
- Evoker
- Iceologer
- Villager
- Iron Golem

Team #3: Everyone Else
- Cat

- Bee
- Enderman
- Piglin
- Wolf

- Tadpole
- Vex
- Piglin Brute
- Goat
- Glow Squid
- Ravager
- Illusioner
- Frog
- Wandering Trader
- Hoglin
- Phantom

The store was empty and mostly silent, except for the sounds of the gentle wind and rain, and the occasional sounds of footsteps. The workers moved around carefully to avoid disturbing the participants. Although the power had come back hours ago, the lights in the showrooms remained turned off, save the arrows that point to the exit.
All of the 'outposts' from the previous day's game had been cleaned up and everything that was moved was put back in its respective place. The flag that had been draped over the large map had been hung back up on the wall, and the smaller paper maps found in Småland had also been put back in the caddy.
Upstairs, most of the participants slept in the showrooms, but the animals from Alleviation and Everyone Else slept in Småland. Contestants in the showrooms had no problem finding a place to sleep, some being all the most unexpected, like Piglin, who slept in the bin of stuffed animals in the children's section. Everyone is at peace, including the workers. The store had been cleaned up and things had been set up for the elimination and the contest, and with everything situated, the workers could finally rest. Accompanied by me and my personal guard, four other workers unwind in one of the living rooms and watch Encanto. The TV screen has a warm tint, and the volume is kept very low. The captions are displayed on the screen to make up for the low volume. At long last, we workers can rest and enjoy ourselves and let go of the real growing pressure.

Evoker is the first to wake up. Still wearing her pajamas; powder blue cotton pants with pink, white, and blue axolotls on them, and a white t-shirt with royal blue sleeves with the crest of her school, she heads to the restroom.
"I don't wanna change into my normal clothes. This is so comfy,"
She sits down in the cafe seating area and pulls out a book to read.
Soon, Allay wakes up and flies to the cafe as well.
"Oh, hey Ali. Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?" Evoker asks.
"Yep. I was so tired last night and the rain and wind put me straight to sleep. And you?" Allay replies.
"Same here. Let's not be too loud because Piglin is sleeping in the toybox over there, and we don't want to wake her,"
Allay is silent as she files over to the window and hangs her arms over the back of a stool. "It's still raining, but it's definitely let up a bit," she sighed.
Evoker walked up and stood next to her. "Hey," she said. "Is there something on your mind? Is something bothering you?"
"Nothing really. I'm just a bit worried about the elimination. I hope Copper Golem and Glare are safe, Allay replies.
"Don't worry. I'm sure your friends will be safe. I'm going to walk around the store. Want to come with me?" Evoker asks.
"Sure! I'd love to join you,"
The two reenter the showroom, passing the living rooms (one of them still displayed the Encanto main menu screen.) and the storage units. They went through the kitchens and dining rooms, occasionally stopping to check out the display rooms. They snuck silently through the bedrooms where the other contestants slept to avoid waking them up. After going past the desks and children's section, they had completed their loop around the showroom and headed downstairs into the marketplace.
They had just come out of the self-serve section and were about to go back up the escalator by Småland when Cat walked out and suddenly, without any warning, jumped up and grabbed Allay's wing in her mouth. She shrieked and Evoker also reacted quickly by screaming.
"We don't need to wake the others," Allay said but was clearly struggling.
Cat still refused to let go of Allay, and even held down the wing with her claws before biting onto it again.
Evoker walked over and impulsively grabbed Allay's wing in one hand, and Cat's collar in the other to physically pull them apart. Unsurprisingly, Cat did not like this and hissed at her before slashing at Evoker's arm. Luckily, she had also let go of Allay.
"You angered me at the wrong time you feisty little furball. Don't aggravate me before I've had my coffee," Evoker says firmly.
The cat retreated and ran back into Småland, but the commotion had woken up the workers, and even worse, it had woken up Warden.

"She scratched your arm. Are you alright?" Allay asks.
"Thank you for caring about me, but you really should be more concerned about yourself. Your wing looks pretty bad. Doesn't that hurt?" Evoker questions.
"Yeah... It's hurting me a lot..."
Evoker picked up Allay and ran up the escalator, but was shocked to see Warden at the top.
"Oh... Hello Warden... Was I too loud?" Evoker says with hesitation in her voice.
"You have Allay with you, right? I hope you weren't hurting her," he says
"I wasn't. Cat tried to eat her wing, and I didn't have coffee yet, so I kinda lost control and started screaming,"
Evoker walked back into the showroom and carried Allay back to the bedrooms to check out her wing, drawing the attention of Copper Golem and Glare, who are concerned. After Allay explains to her friends how Cat had torn up her wing and that she couldn't fly, they decide to carry her around on a utility cart lined with a towel and a pillow.
At this point, most of the workers and participants had woken up, so the employees started cooking food in the cafe, while Evoker, Vindicator, Allay, Copper Golem, and Glare went to the living room display to watch Encanto.

Soon, the participants meet in the cafe for breakfast. The staff have specially made eggs, pancakes, meatballs, mashed potatoes, but the most notable thing they made was Nether-style pulled pork, imported suspiciously from the elimination dorm on the main campus
Hello, and welcome back to the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy! Because we are clearly still at IKEA from yesterday's game, we are going to do the elimination here in the cafe. Yesterday, Alleviation must've not been at their absolute best because they lost the challenge. I'm impressed since this is only the second time that they have been up for elimination. The voters have voted on who they want to leave the game and the votes are in. During our extended voting period, we got a grand total of 14 votes. Looks like the number went down a bit, but that's alright. Since a third of the players plus whoever is voted out today have been voted out of BENT, that means that it is time for a new stage in the battle. As such, the quality of the prizes will be going up. Today, Alleviation's members will get a diamond. Also, Allay will be receiving an enchanted golden apple because of her wing, and Cat will be getting de-clawed and de-fanged. Sorry, I'm going off course.
To start, Allay had immunity. I think the medic gave her the immunity ticket after the sixth game, but that's not important. She's safe.
Copper Golem and Glare, you two are also safe, as neither one of you received a single vote!
"Yes! Let's go!" Copper Golem exclaims.
Next safe are Cow, Mooshroom, and Warden, also with zero votes.
That leaves us with Axolotl, Moobloom, and Phantom. Who will be leaving the game today? Let's see what the voters have to say!
KaiOceansword says: When I build at night, Phantoms attack me
AfaPacks says: Flowery cow is pointless!!
Zibonzi says: Mmm... That colorful lizard has to go. He seems to be, by far, the weakest one on this team.
SaraTheChef says: if we can’t get rid of phantoms in the actual game then might as well get them out now
Greief says: Phantoms can only fly and maybe bite you, but they’re just an annoyance. KICK THEM TO THE SUN
LittleDino2022 says: Alleviation up for Elimination… Can we all just take a second to admire that they have only been up for elimination twice now, since this is the second time.

Copper Golem and Glare are actually really nice and helpful. They should stay.
Axolotl, Moobloom and Cow. Sure, they don’t do much, but they’re cool.
Also, the Warden is very powerful. He is their protector.

Phantoms are plain annoying, I don’t know why they are even in the game.
So, get that insomnia-hating vampire out of here!
Well, it looks like the results are clear. With a total of 11 votes, Phantom will leave the game. Goodbye! Phantom is sent back to the train station with a guard and is escorted to the main campus.

And once again, I'd like to thank all of my supporters!
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I notice Evoker's clothes, and while they may look cozy, I'd suggest that she changes into her normal clothes before the contest. She looks up and acknowledges, running into the showroom to change. The apple that Allay had received had sped up the process of her already accelerated healing, and with her wing fully recovered, she flies out of the black pushcart and flies up towards the ceiling, doing a little spin in the air before coming back down to join her teammates. Now that Allay can get around on her own again, we can start. Just as soon as Evoker comes back.

Now onto today's game
Good. It's not raining anymore, and although it is still wet, we are still going outside for today's contests. Also, I'm not forgetting about Enderman. He can wear boots. Come on, it's time to go outside.
Today, your objective will be to reach the roof of this IKEA. If you look over to the side of the building, there are some very convectively placed platforms that could hypothetically be used to access the roof, but that's irrelevant. What is relevant though is that your entire team must reach the roof in order for you to be considered safe. You are allowed to use items from inside the store to reach the roof. Flying and teleporting are allowed, just please don't kill other people. I mean, if you trip and fall from a high place and die, that's fine, but I don't condone it. The first person to reach the roof will get immunity, and the last team up loses. Well, with that being said, you may now go!

"Ok, I'll teleport up, and I can bring one other with me," Enderman explains.
"Take Wolf. He can't jump high like Cat or fly like Bee. As for myself, I can get up on my own," Piglin replies.
"Ok! Come here Wolf, we're gonna win this game!"
Enderman teleports up to the roof holding Wolf, and Bee flies up. Since Enderman touched the roof first, he gets immunity!

"I think that this is the one time when being the biggest team is not a good thing! Right now, Everyone Else is almost done!" Moobloom exclaims.
Glare turns to Allay. "Do you think that we could possibly lift her? I'm not sure if my telekinesis is powerful enough, but if we try to lift her together..." they say.
"We'd really be pushing our limits by doing that. They could always go inside and go onto the fire escape," she replies.
Moobloom, Mooshroom, and Cow head inside, and Axolotl hitches a ride on Mooshroom's back. Seeing them, Villager gets a similar idea and follows them in. Warden decided to guard the door to prevent the other teams from getting in.

Piglin and Cat locate the parkour platforms and start to make their way up. Cat has no problem and makes every jump and is soon at the top. Piglin, however, does not show the same results. She falls several times from the lower platforms, but still persists anyways. At long last, she makes it onto the fifth platform, but falls when jumping to the sixth and breaks her leg.
"Agh! My leg!" she cries. "Enderman! You need to come down here and teleport me up! I can't walk!"
Piglin continues to call out loudly for Enderman to come back for her, but he doesn't hear her.

"Alright. He's finally gone. We can go inside now," Pillager announces.
"Right. Let's make this quick before he comes back," Vindicator responds.
Pillager, Vindicator, and Iceologer rush inside the IKEA, and shortly after, Copper Golem runs out. Warden is following him pushing a scissor lift and some ladders. The cows were following.
"We can all ride this thing up to the roof!" Coper Golem announces.
"It looks like there's a lever on the base that might activate it. You guys get on and Allay and I will stay down here. We'll fly up," Glare explains.
"Yes! I'll activate the lift. You guys get on," Allay says, unlocking the gate on the lift.
Everyone gets on, and before Allay turns the lift on, Evoker and Iron Golem hop on. No one stops them.
"Is everyone ready?" Allay asks.
"It is clear to activate!" Glare announces, backing away from the lift.
"Alright, going up in 3, 2, 1!" She flicks the lever and the lift's arm extends way up, reaching straight to the rooftop.
Allay and Glare fly up to the roof and all the members of Alleviation get off the lift. Before Allay and Glare reach the top, Iron Golem pauses.
"Where are the other members of our team?" he asks.
"They went inside. It's too late now because Piglin is already up here, and Allay and Glare are legit almost up here," Evoker replies.
When they reach the rooftop, their team is safe.
"Good game. Thanks for letting us ride with your team. That ride was pretty smooth," Evoker says.
"Always a pleasure," Allay says.
Next time, the teams will be combined.
Vote on a member of The Raiders (& the raided) to be eliminated. Whoever gets the most votes will leave the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy. Part 12 will be released when voting for this is over.

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Huh... where's the poll ? Well, anyways...

Scammers are out. I vote villager.
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On the fourm
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Probably a bit confusing since I have 2
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GoldenScientist, mira ''¡¡Esto es el cilo de los Chiquit@s!!'' que he hecho. ¡Esero que te guste!
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