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Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy P6 - Flaming Escape

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Thank you viewers, voters, and all who read this and voted.
Welcome back to the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy. If you missed the first part, let me catch you up.
Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy P6 - Flaming Escape

A select group of 30 Minecraft mobs are competing in a big contest to win the ENCHANTED NETHERITE TROPHY. You are one of the
judges of the contest. As the organizer of the contest, it is my job to tell you the rules of the contest. The rules are as follows:

  • One mob is eliminated in each contest unless otherwise noted.
  • You (the judge) will vote on who is eliminated.
  • Eliminated mobs can rejoin in special rejoining votes.
  • The last mob remaining wins.

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Here are the contestants

Team #1: Alleviation
- Allay
- Copper Golem
- Glare
- Axolotl

- Moobloom
- Cow
- Mooshroom
- Phantom
- Warden

Team #2: The Raiders (& the raided)
- Pillager
- Vindicator
- Evoker
- Iceologer
- Illusioner
- Ravager
- Villager
- Wandering Trader
- Iron Golem

Team #3: Everyone Else
- Cat

- Bee
- Enderman
- Piglin
- Wolf
- Frog
- Hoglin

- Tadpole
- Vex
- Piglin Brute
- Goat
- Glow Squid

Allay, Copper Golem, and Glare sit in the courtyard outside of the food court. Copper Golem opts for the plastic wood bench under the blooming cherry blossom tree.
"I can't believe that we let our guard down like that last time," he said to his friends who flew in front of the fountain.
"Same. I really hope that we are safe today. I was up all night last night worrying about the vote, and now that today has finally arrived, I am both scared and excited for the elimination," Allay replied.
"Now I'm thinking," Glare said. "Who would be the... I just want to know who you guys would uh... you know... care the least about getting out?"
"Glow Squid. It's not that I don't like them, because they do look pretty cool, but it's just that they don't do much," Copper Golem answered.
Allay nodded and suddenly looked over to Warden, who put Glow Squid in the fountain. The water splashed, much to Warden's satisfaction.
"Hey... I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I couldn't fend them off. There was just too much going on and I couldn't even tell what to focus on," he said.
"It's alright. We will do better today and in future contests. And also, I'm just wondering, what's it like being blind, and is it hard to tell different people apart?" Allay replied.
"Well, I don't know how to explain my blindness, but I find it easy to tell everyone apart. I know the difference between everyone's footsteps and voices. I experience the world solely through what I feel and hear. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to see," Warden explained.
Then, Evoker intercepted the teammates. Her right arm had been bandaged and she had it in a sling. She kept her left arm at her side. "Hey... I just want to say something - I may be on the same team as Illusioner, but that does not mean that I am his ally, nor am I friends with Piglin."
"I don't mean to interrupt, but is your arm ok? What happened?" Allay asked.
Suddenly, a guard walks in and takes notice. "It's almost time for elimination. Just stay here, we're doing it here," they say.
Welcome back to Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy! Last time, Everyone Else and The Raiders (& the raided) ganged up on Alleviation and they lost. You guys voted for a member of Alleviation to leave the match, and the votes are in! Because the weather is so nice again, we will be doing the elimination outside in the courtyard. There was a little technical mistake with the vote this time, and the votes were reset, so I've decided to just count the votes twice.
We got 9 votes before the votes reset and 8 after it reset, bringing us to 17 total votes this time. That's almost as many votes that we got in P2, but that's after adding the votes. Today, safe contestants will get an amethyst geode. More on the topic of the vote, almost all of our votes went to one contestant, so because of that, we have time to show comments to see who is leaving the game today, but first, let me give all of our candidates from the 2021 vote their geodes, because Allay, Copper Golem, and Glare are all safe!
They all celebrate with each other. Next safe is the three cows.
Zibonzi says: Glow squids are pretty. They shine under the moon and give the ocean a fairy sparkle... But then, that's pretty much all you can expect from a glow squid.
TheEvokerQueen says: Sorry Glow Squid. I'm voting for you. and OMG- Vindicator and Evoker are a COUPLE??? and btw, I saw what you hid there, you won't get me!

Next time the raiders are UFE, I might go for wandering trader cause I want to see how illusioner's arc is going to work out. Vindicator is so amazing and him and Evoker together just feels right. uwu
Evoker and Vindicator look at each other, somewhat embarrassed.
Kefaku says: It seems like you put more effort into this with each part, but still get less votes each time. Really sad : (
This would deserve some more attention.

Anyways, I voted for Phantom, cuz he (or she?) literally didn't do anything in the entire battle besides handing in a dish, that someone else made in P2 and occasionally annoying the other teams in P4. And also to ruin the 100% for Glow Squid.
XBigFatPotatoX says: Press F to pay respects for the glow squid.
greninjaXY says: glow squid becuase he kills himself all the time in the caves everytime i see it is dieing like how

Well, it looks like even without combining the votes before and after the original votes got deleted, Glow Squid is still eliminated with a whopping 8 to 1 against Phantom, and that's from the first vote count that got deleted. Even when we look at the count after the deletion (which was lower :( ), Glow Squid is still out 7 to 1 and combined, they still lose 15 to 2! Goodbye, Glow Squid. You may have gotten the most votes in 2020, and you still got the most votes here.

Glow Squid was quiet like usual and showed no reaction. Oddly enough, neither did any of their teammates. The guard takes the bioluminescent creature and transported it into a new tank in the Elimination Dorm.

Now onto today's game!

Today, we're going to the Nether! Each of your teams will be locked in a unique escape room specially made to suit the abilities of your teammates. At the exit of each escape room is a lobby. All escape rooms lead to the same lobby. Also, the doors to this lobby are one way, so you can't go back. Since this is the sixth episode and game, I was originally going to give six hours to escape, but due to time limitations, I had to lower the time down to four. If your whole team doesn't escape within four hours, or you are the last team to escape, you will be up for elimination.
Alleviation's escape room is located in a soul sand valley biome, The Raiders (& the raided)'s is in a basalt deltas biome, and Everyone Else's escape room is located in a crimson forest. Again, each escape room was custom-made for your team, and you have four hours to escape. Everyone is teleported into their escape room and the time starts.

Piglin mounts Hoglin and looks at her team. "Listen up, guys. This is my turf. I don't see why they would put our escape room in a Crimson Forest, but I'm just saying this upfront that I'm in charge here. Not that anyone else besides Enderman can do anything, but I'm in charge. I will get us out of here and we will get first place for the first time!"
She quickly examines the room, and while she is doing so, Wolf eats Frog.
"Seriously? You're going to EAT your teammate" Piglin exclaimed. Then, she goes back to searching. It isn't long until she finds something that will help, and quickly makes a plan to escape.
Within minutes, Piglin is able to find another room, which leads her into a maze. She calls her teammates to follow her, and in time, makes it out of the maze. This, however, was not the end of Everyone Else's escape room.

Alleviation is struggling. Glare is suffering from the intense heat, and Axolotl dies from drying out.
"Ugh... so hot... Axolotl has already died, and I don't know how much longer I can make it here," Glare said, flying up to a lavafall built into the wall.
'Wait!" Copper Golem exclaimed, opening up a chest.
"What is it?" Glare said, flying down.
"It's a purple flower. And a bowl," he said.
Mooshroom sighed. "I really don't want to, but I know what I must do,"
Moobloom looked at her. "Go on, you have to do it. Eat the flower..."
"Yeah, go on, eat it!" Cow added.
"EAT IT! EAT IT! EAT IT!" Moobloom and Cow chanted.
"Alright, I was going to eat it anyways! Well, I guess I know what time it is..." Mooshroom replied, walking up to Copper Golem.
Moobloom and Cow looked at Mooshroom, and then back at each other. Then, Copper Golem spoke to Allay.
"That lavafall built into the wall. It's 1x1, and it's very high up. I think you are the only one who can do this," he said, handing his friend the suspicious stew.
Allay flew up to the lava, and flew into it. Her potion effect offered her resistance to burning. Little to her surprise, there was a small room behind it. In the room, there was a chest and a lever. She opened the chest to find a crossbow, three arrows, and warped fungi on a stick. After collecting the items, she flicked the lever which got rid of the lava.
"I found these in the room behind the lava!" she exclaimed. "Now, what do we do with them?"

Evoker and Illusioner are in another conflict, and Iron Golem desperately tries to stop them.
"Hey, we were given the most dangerous room, and we need to work together to get out. I think the other two teams have already made progress, and we haven't even started yet!" he said.
"You are completely right, but my arm hurts and Illusioner won't leave me alone," Evoker replied.
Vindicator walks over to a wall with a furnace and checks it out. He finds some items inside that can help. Evoker and Illusioner still fought.
"Illusioner, let's get this straight. I heard you and Piglin bully Allay the other night. In the hallway of the dorm. The GIRL'S dorm. Putting the fact that you mocked and made fun of a member of an opposing team to the point of tears aside, why in the world did you think that it would be ok to go into the FEMALE DORM?" Evoker exclaimed.
"That's none of your business!" Illusioner replied.
"Yes, yes it is. You and Piglin were stomping around outside of my room at 3AM, and don't think that I didn't hear the things you were saying to Allay. What you were doing was completely unacceptable,"
"Then why didn't you try to stop me?"
"I couldn't. I CUT MY ARM WITH AN AXE!"
"Whatever. Allay looks about 1000% cuter when she's upset or angry,' Illusioner laughed.
"So what? That absolutely does NOT give you the excuse to come into the women's dorms at 3 in the morning to bully her. In fact, you can't say anything to justify that behavior. You can't just do that!" Evoker shouted back.
Vindicator pulled Evoker by her good arm. "You need to back up. Both of you, calm down, and also Illusioner, stay out of the women's dorm."
"Shut up, Vindicator. I identify as female, so I can go into the girl's dorm if I want to," Illusioner said.
"Illusioner, this isn't even funny, and it never has been. Stop pretending to be trans so you can have an excuse to bully Allay. We all know that you are not transgender. What would your Nether-dwelling friend think if she found out that you were pretending to be trans?" Vindicator replied.
Illusioner was silent.
"Piglin is actually trans, right?" Vindicator asked. "So do you think she'd like it if you were pretending that you were trans also? Exactly. I wouldn't want my identity to be mocked either. Unless you are actually transgender, in which case, I'm sorry for heckling you about it."
Illusioner backed off, temporarily retreating.

Piglin looked around the next room, and soon found a single gap that she could fit through. "Come on, we'll escape through this hole and walk to the end,"
"Ok. I'll have to duck, but I can get through," Enderman said.
The members of Everyone Else walked through the gap and trekked the crimson ground until they made it to a door that led to yet another room.
"They seriously made it that easy? Foolish guards," Piglin said, opening the door that led to the lobby.
For the first time in the entire battle, Everyone Else was the first team safe.

Noticing a button on the wall, Copper Golem pulled out the crossbow and took his best shot at it. Much to his surprise, he hit it on his first try. It spawned a bridge over the large gap of lava. They crossed the bridge, Warden bringing Axolotl's remains with him.
"This might be useful later. Who knows?" he said, carrying the amphibian.
Moobloom took the first step onto the soul sand island. "What do we have to do here?" she asked.
"I'm not sure, but I'm sure we can find out," Copper Golem said.
Phantom and Glare flew ahead to find a door. Glare went back to inform the others.
"I think we'll have to build bridges and ride striders with the warped fungi on the stick. But, we only have one!"
"Well," Allay said, "Looks like there is a slab of something floating on the lava. Perhaps some of us can ride on that platform?"
"I don't see why not. I'll fly back to the door with Phantom. I can't do much here anyways," Glare replied.
Allay looked back and the three cows mounted the floating platform. Warden joined them, and he used a stick made of the same material to row it across. Cow guided him.
"Now it's just the two of us," Copper Golem said, looking at Allay.
"You ride the strider. I'll fly across and meet you on the other side!" she replied.
Copper Golem mounted the strider and piloted it with the warped fungi on a stick.

Evoker, Vindicator, Pillager, and Iron Golem had already left the other teammates behind to find a solution to the escape room, but they didn't prove fast enough.

Copper Golem had almost made it to the doorway, Allay flying beside him, when suddenly, she stopped. Her breathing was fast, but her wings flapped slower than usual.
"Are you alright?" he asked.
"I-I feel unwell..." she responded, her voice somewhat slurred. "My head... it's killing me!"
They were both quiet, but Copper Golem reacted quickly. "Hang in there! We're going to get to that door and get out of this place!" he exclaimed.
She was still, and suddenly fainted, her friend catching her. He was now in a bigger rush than ever to reach the lobby.
When they reached the door, the other teammates were already there.
Copper Golem opened the door, and quickly ran in. "We need to get back to the overworld, fast!" he exclaimed.
All the members of Alleviation have reached the end, so they are safe!
That means that The Raiders (& the raided) will be up for elimination. We are doing things differently this time, and one of the bottom two will leave the game, and the other will join Everyone Else. Since it looks like Alleviation's members seem to be struggling with the heat of the Nether, let's get them back to the overworld. We'll just leave The Raiders (& the raided) here to work this out. They'll get out when they get out. If anything happens, they'll just respawn in the dorms. Whatever.
Copper Golem stood above Allay in medbay. "Is she going to be alright?" he asked.
"Yeah, of course," a medic replies.
Then, a nearby guard takes notice and heads to the Staff Room with an idea for the next contest.

Piglin watches from outside of the ward with a spyglass. "Lol. She got what she deserved for getting my brother eliminated!"

She didn't notice Glare, who became angry. "First of all, she didn't DESERVE to have a heat stroke, and secondly, it's not her fault your brother got out. How many times must you be told?"
PIglin groaned and walked away. "Whatever," she sighed. "At least my team got first place for once, and even better, we'll be getting a member of The Raiders (& the raided) to join our team next time!"

The elimination for today is special.
Vote on a member of The Raiders (& the raided) to be eliminated. The two most voted members will leave the team. One will leave the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy, and the other will join Everyone Else. Part 7 will be released when voting for this is over.

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