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BattleLegions Server Review!

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avatar SkyGeckoMC
Level 33 : Artisan Wolf Whisperer
SERVER IP: mc.battlelegions.com
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BattleLegions is a Towny, PVP server with a creative world and spleef..

On joining the server, I was welcomed by the owner and two players, which is okay but not too much for the 12 players online. I was presented immediately by a choice between four kits: Adventurer, Killer, Builder and Miner. I chose adventurer, which seemed like a round choice and was given a nice kit of full iron tools, bread and torches. Although a few of the Items seemed OP- I was given a saddle, horse spawn egg and gold horse armour.

The spawn is better than average, not in quality but in size. It seems to be a giant rectangular stadium, with moderate decoration. At night time, it's quite dark and I could barely read all of the signs. There are four beacons surrounding your spawn point. They have every beacon effect on them, and this can become quite confusing.
I sat and watched the chat for a while. There was some evidence of co-operation, a mod talking to a player; "He got away!" However, there was a little immature talk, "YOUR MOM!", but that was all I saw. Overall this server seems mature.
I ran around the spawn, and while it's mildly impressive it's easy to get lost in. At the four sides, there are different utility rooms, and there is no useful indication to which is which.

You can warp to self replenishing mines. I discovered that there are four different types of mine- onw which is filled of logs and leaves, one with stone and ores, one with stone bricks, ores, and glowstone and one with sandstone, nether brick and glowstone. To access the two mines with glowstone, you need to have donated. This is completely understandable from the server's POV, but for players this is unhelpful.
Each mine warp leads to one of the above described mines.

/warp jail is nothing like a jail. There is a glass floor to where you first spawn- "noob spawn". It is located in one of the corners of the spawn stadium.

/warp Rankup brings you back to inside the stadium in a 3 block deep depression where there are signs describing the different ranks and their prices. Luckily the spawn beacons give you a jump boost II effect so that you can jump out of the hole.

/warp Wild brings you to a floating circular platform in the middle of a plains biome. A nether portal brings you back to the spawn. Going into the wild is confusing, as you have to jump a distance that would kill you without the invisible resistance.

Unfortunately spleef has to be manually started by the owner, otherwise you can't join the arena. I was lucky enough to get a match going and accidentally committed suicide within the first minute. The spleef arena is like the spawn- big but without too much detail.

This concludes my review of BattleLegions. Overall, it was a good server, although there were a few areas that could be cleaned up.
I give a rank of 8/10 for BattleLegions! Unfortunately, it isn't *my type* of server. If it was, I would definitely go back!

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And have a PVP-filled day!

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