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Bed Of Emotions ~ A Love Story

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Welcome, welcome. Take a seat as we begin our journey.

Bed of Emotions
A Love Story
By: Spxngie and _carrot

Chapter #1:

One day Spongegar15 ran to her bestie carrot, her face as red as a tomato.

Spongegar15: Carrot! Carrot! I have something to tell you!
Carrot: What is it, Spongie?
Spongegar15: I- I have a crush on a boy. *Blushy smile*
Carrot: Oooh! Who? Who's this mystery boy?
Spongegar15: Squeee! His name is bed!
Carrot: What makes you think you have a crush on him?
Sponegegar15: Well, I never want to leave him, I can't sleep with out him, and I love him so much. *Blush*
Carrot: Oh girl, you totally have a crush on him. You should tell him!
Spongegar15: You think so?
Carrot: Girl, I know so.
Spongegar15: Maybe! *Squee*

The next day

Spongegar15: Carrot! Carrot! I told him!
Carrot: You did? How'd it go? :D
Spongegar15: He likes me back! We are dating now! Yay!
Carrot: Good for you! I'm so happy!
Spongegar15: *Joyous screeching noises*

A week later

Spongegar15: *Walks in room* Gasp!
Carrot: *On top of bed* *surmised Pika face*
Spongegar15: How could you do this to me carrot? You are my friend. *tears in eyes*
Carrot: I- uh I- umm
Bed: It's not what it looks like babe!
Spongegar15: Then what is it?
Carrot: It's umm
Spongegar15: Stop carrot. Leave now.
Carrot: *Leaves*
Spongegar15: Babe why were you sleeping with carrot? We are in a relationship. I thought you knew better than that!
Bed: Well you see ummm
Spongegar15: Stop trying to explain yourself. There is no excuse for cheating on your girlfirend. Leave. NOW!
Bed: *leaves*
Spongegar15: How could this happen? He was such a wonderful companion. *cries in anime*
Bed: *outside next to Carrot* Hey babe, sup?
Carrot: I want to be with you but I still want to be friends with Spongie. I don't know what to do.
Bed: We both know that the obvious answer here is to stay with me.
Carrot: You sure?
Bed: I'm never gonna tell a lie and hurt you. (Reference)
Carrot: Okay then babe *Hugs bed*


Spongegar15: *On the phone* Hello! Do you sell beds?
Person on the other end of the phone: Yes, we do.
Spongegar15: Okay, good. I need to replace mine.
Spongegar15: *Drives to store in her Sponge-Mobile*
Spongegar15 *at store* Hello! I'd like to purchase a bed and replace my old one! *demonic smile*
Clerk: Okay our beds are right over there! *smiles but he is scared of sponges demonic smile*
Spongegar15: Thank you, I'll go have a look at em'!
Clerk: *Smiles, glad that demonic Spongie is gone*
Spongegar15: Now which one of you lucky beds will replace be my new boyfriend?
Random Bed: *Raises hand* Me please, I've been in this store for 6 years, please chose me.
Spongegar15: 6 years huh? That's kind of sus. Maybe...
Another Bed: *Winks somehow* sup! I'll be your boyfriend B)
Spongegar15: No thanks heh heh *Laughs Akwardly*
Spongegar15: No one? Okay then I'll just chose one of you :P

~ To Be Continued ~
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CreditMe and Carrot created this through a wall post so yeah. We both made this

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Update #1 : 09/23/2020 7:44:50 pmSep 23rd, 2020

Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Chapter two out now! :D

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11/28/2020 12:15 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Magical Girl
DaniAdler avatar
09/23/2020 8:33 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Carrot
_carrot avatar
I feel like a traitor in this chapter xwx
09/23/2020 8:35 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Fox
Spxngie avatar
09/23/2020 8:25 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Bunny
Twixxed avatar
Can't wait to hear more tho! xD
09/23/2020 9:41 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Fox
Spxngie avatar
Updating soon~!
09/23/2020 8:25 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Bunny
Twixxed avatar
"His name is Bed"

w h e e z e
09/23/2020 9:41 amhistory
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Fox
Spxngie avatar
09/21/2020 6:13 pm
Level 47 : Master Soldier
ShadowCypher avatar
L0L i cant sleep without him

round of applause
09/21/2020 6:16 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Fox
Spxngie avatar
Ty ty *bows*
09/19/2020 10:53 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Carrot
_carrot avatar
og's know what happens next ;)
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