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Being Part of a Community

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avatar TuxedoTrooper
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This is just a brief article on what I think being in a community is all about.

I've been part of several communities over my many years of gaming. I've been in both small and large communities, but what a community is to me is a group of people working together to help improve each other in one way or another. Of course I am talking about a gaming community, so if you have been involved in a different type of community then this article is not about that.

Anyways, the statement I just made, "helping one another", seems to lack in a lot of communities. I believe I know the reason for this however. People sign up to the community only to take advantage of certain benefits of the community. What these benefits are may vary, but posting comments for example is a benefit. Another thing is that they simply do not care to help others, they simply want to look at content and be content with that, not giving any feedback to help better the overall community. There are many other reasons, but those are broad enough to get you thinking.

So what I have been seeing a lot in PMC is just what I have talked about in this article. I see a lot of content being viewed, but no feedback is given whatsoever. Sure, they might not be popular, but taking a minute or less to vote up if you found the article interesting, leaving a comment with feedback, or even subscribing to a player is a big part of being in a community. If you want to help the overall community grow, you have to give everyone a chance, and let them know what they did right or wrong via feedback.

Thanks for reading, now go out there and be part of your community!
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