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avatar mouse36
Level 19 : Journeyman Toast

In Which I Get Sent to the Nether

It all started in the overworld.

The world of spirits overlaps with the overworld, yet they rarely, if ever, have their creatures meet. You might be familiar with the overworld. The world of spirits, as you might have guessed, contains the spirits. But that is only the name processable by the overworld creatures’ limited minds. The real name is the ?_20%^^&***(!.

Oh, you can’t read that?

This story starts when I’m a tiny spirit. I live with a family of approximately three hundred spirits. Since the spirits in our family usually grow up to a maximum of half a centimeter, we can fit all of ourselves into our home, which, if we were as large as the overworld creatures, would be cramped and miserable.

I have just been born. I am an off-white colour, but completely transparent to the overworld creatures. We share the same world with the overworld, but we can’t see each other.

Out of all the @*^$$#000!&* dimensions, the Nether is the one the spirits fear the most. It bears an infinite space, but it feels like the most miserable and small place ever. The only light comes from the falls, lakes, and entire oceans of lava. Oh, and also the strange, yellow glass bulbs that grow on the top.

Quartz is plentiful there, but ones who have been banished to the Nether cannot mine it, and therefore suffer everywhere they move. Overworld creatures turn to upright horrors of half zombie and half pig, cute slimes turn to vicious fiery blobs, skeletons turn black from the heat, and… well, we don’t even know what those metal spinning golden terrors came from.

You see, everyone who goes to the Nether turns evil. At this time, a spirit has never been banished to the Nether, and no one wants to be the first to.

Chronically scarred from the story I heard about the tormenting dimension, I am frozen and cannot do any work. I only hopelessly wander around the house, thinking about what would happen if I did do something useful. I never do.

Each time I am asked to work, I make up a lame excuse, often recycled. At this point, I am brought, terrified, to the place that prohibited by work.

In chains, my translucent body wails as I am dropped into a huge ocean of thick orange bubbling liquid. The lava. Disappointed, my many parents walk back through the purple swirling portal and disappear back into their home. Down there, I cry even louder. I suddenly realize that my metal chains have melted, so I get up and float around the place. I discover a vein of quartz. Feeling like the stories I have heard were meant to torment me, I sigh. I stare at the quartz, then curl up beside it. Then I see it.

It’s the zombie pigman, as it’s called. The humanoid monster that’s half of an innocent pig made uncanny by its upright position, half a flesh-eating undead zombie.

I run. Well, I can’t run, so I glide away. Fleeing from the monster, I bump into another one. I slide down its chest with an exposed ribcage, and immediately glide away again. Soon I realize that they’re everywhere, and they’re the only life that I’ll ever see.


As I curl up next to a new vein of quartz, a zombie pigman stumbles out of a lava pool, then steps in front of me. I open my eyes and shake.

The monster grunts. Then it grunts again. It grunts repeatedly until about ten grunts, then I realize that it is trying to say something.

My half-centimeter body floats up toward its comparably giant head, then to its huge pig ear. I shout in my spirit language: ‘what are you trying to say?’ The pigman stops grunting and tilts its head. Then it understands, and speaks in spirit language:

“Who are you, and why are you in the Nether?”

“I’m a spirit,” I reply. “Specifically Ghast.”

“That’s a cool name. Where’d you get it?”

“It’s spirit language for ‘crying’.”

“Oh. Mine’s lame, too. It means … ”

The zombie pigman hesitates, then grunts. It can’t say its name in spirit language.

I begin to realize that the Nether isn’t that scary after all. Well, the zombie pigmen aren’t, but the other mobs are. I try to stay away from the Fortress.

Quickly, things start to liven. The zombie pigman that I bumped into told its huge friends about me. I heard:

“It so small.”

“Let make it big, then.”

“What it name?”


“Well, now it a fellow of the Nether, so that be it name.”

“Hey!” I shouted. “I don’t want to be big!”

The zombie pigmen turn around to see me laying on the floor. Then, they unsheath their long

golden swords that I had never noticed, and start slicing up a bulbous, pulsating red plant that reminds me of blisters I saw on overworld creatures.

Out of nowhere, the pigmen shove the cut-up plant into my tiny mouth. I let out a tear, then float away. I start floating faster as I catch the sight of the pigmen chasing me.

I run out of breath quickly, and the pigmen catch up to me. I panic as I realize I am already a quarter of a pigman’s size, and that something is fizzing in my stomach. I feel like the pigmen would stick me onto a wall for eternity with their intimidating looks. Wisely, I don’t step back. I listen to the scariest words I’ve heard:

“Help us d’feat that Fortress, or we’ll eat you.”

I stand there, not sure whether to drown myself in lava or stab myself with a pigman’s sword. Once I realize I’m twice the size of a pigman and an intolerably bitter taste is in my stomach, I burst into tears. They’ve done everything to me that I hate.

I never stop crying.

In Which I Find the Fortress

The pigmen force the plant out of my stomach and carry my huge, but light, body to the Fortress. A trail of thick, white tears is slathered on the ground behind me.

The Fortress is a massive building with assorted dark and red bricks, held up by thick poles. The Fortress is made of the same material throughout - hardened and cooked netherrack shaped into bricks. Small-gapped windows are present in the terrifying fortification.

A pigman informs me about its goal, which I have no interest in. I listen, though, as I might need it later.

“You are here to defeat the Fortress for us,” it says. “Our vulnerable golden swords are incapable of taking down a hard material like the nether brick present. We shall lend you a power - a power that no creature, except for the blazes, has harnessed. It is the power of fireballs, and it is to be used for good.”

“This fortress contains the deadliest of creatures, the wither skeletons and the blazes,” one says, pushing the other away. I shudder. “Among the guards are the magma cubes. But fear them no more, as you can float. Take down the ones inside the Fortress, and strip the cream off of the cubes. Take the slimes through, and let them free into their home caves.”

Still shaking, I steadily float up to the Fortress. A blaze notices me, narrows its eyes, then launches itself into the air.

A stream of fire emerges from the ash covering over the blaze’s mouth. Terrified, I float away as fast as possible.

Gasping for air as the floating monster shoots more plasma at me, I swallow a ton of fire. I close my mouth and flee, away from the Fortress, away from the cubes, away from the pigmen. I quickly spit the hot substance out of my mouth, realizing that coal had collected in my body. The fireball explodes on impact, setting fire to the hole I created.

I pour some lava into the hole, then carefully dip a tentacle in. My skin had grown thick and visible as to not let the fireballs inside me burst. I splash into the liquid, blow a few more holes, pour a few more liters in, then relax.

It seems the Nether mobs had grown tired of me, and had stopped chasing. My thick skin protects me from the lava, so I sink in, and spread a smile across my face.

Strong tears eroded the spots under my eyes before I grew thick skin. I also have eyebrow markings. My small mouth curves upward. Soon, I hear a warping noise from above. I float up to investigate.

It is an overworld creature. A player. I hide in a blown hole in a netherrack wall. Once I know the player does not notice me, I approach.

The player jumps off of the platform it is making, one made out of dirt (yes, I know what dirt is). I quickly swoop under it, and it lands on me. It scratches its head.

I bring it to the ground. It backs up at my odd appearance.

“Hi,” I say.

“What?” it says, tilting its head.

“Oh, sorry,” I say back, this time in its language. “Hi, I’m Ghast, a spirit.”

“What?” it repeats.

“I’m a spirit named Ghast.”

“I thought spirits were fake.”

“And why is that?”

“None have been seen. Also, I never knew they looked like that.”

“Spirits are elusive, and your world doesn’t overlap with ours. Also, some zombie pigmen shoved some plant into my mouth. I was once half a centimeter tall, but they made me four meters.”

“Interesting. What plant was that?”

“I don’t know. It was red and bulbous-”

“That’s nether wart!”

“Thanks. Why have you come here?”

“To defeat the Fortress.”

“Cool. Shall we team up?”


In Which I Defeat the Fortress

With the human, I float back to the Fortress. Shivers go through both of us as we approach. The zombie pigmen step aside. I tilt, and the human hops on my back. We float towards the Fortress.

I take a blow from an ambushing wither skeleton, who quickly dodges back. A blaze shoots a fireball in my direction. I swallow it, then spit it out, amazing the human. I smile. A dent appears in the Fortress as the smoke clears, and the zombie pigmen cheer.

I let the human through my hole. It takes out a sharp, blue sword and chops a wither skeleton into pieces.

The human keeps going after all the skeletons have been killed. It destroys half of the building with a sharp, blue pickaxe. After I applaud, I let it onto my back again.

A blaze shoots a fireball at me, and I shoot one at it. The blaze does not die. I float up to it, then receive an idea. I back up, then plunge facefirst into the blaze. It crunches. I start eating more blazes. Their metal bodies turn to powder. After the blazes are gone, I blow up the last bit of the Fortress.

“Hey,” the human says. “Can I see … ”

I open my mouth, an the human takes a clump of powder out. I slide back and close my mouth immediately.

“I’ve heard this can be used for brewing”, the human says.

“What does that do?” I ask. “By the way, that was disgusting.”

“It makes you strong.”

“Well, alright, pull stuff out of my mouth if you want.”

“I have to go now. Bye!”

I wave with one tentacle, and the human jumps off of the rubble left of the Fortress. Little do I know that a new fortress is being built by a survivor. An evil one. But this story isn’t about that. It’s about the destruction of the original one.

The human takes off with a few rockets, propelling itself into the air with its grey wings. Down below it, a pigman yells.

“Bye, dad!”

Dad? What was that about?

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Good work!
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  • March 8, 2019, 3:48 am
Nice! I just got a Minecraft gift code for FREE! :D (Link removed)
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