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BENT: Evoker's Narrative - Letting go of the past

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POV Narrative of Evoker (Evelyn Smith) from Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy.
A 17-year old Evoker, Evelyn Smith tells the story of her childhood and what it's like growing up different from all her peers. In this story, the Illagers have moved away from their old ways, but the rest of society still sees them as criminals.

Some of us aren't so willing to let go of the past...

  Most people don't have very clear memories, if any at all of their early childhood, but for me, it's a completely different story. It's hard to forget going to school and learning from textbooks that say that your ancestors were bad people and having your classmates judging you for it. Who'd forget everyone trying to tell you that you are bad just because of the color of your skin - whether directly or indirectly? Yes, it's true that the Illagers were raiders, but that was in the past and the past is not today. We, as a group, have changed over the ages, going from relentless and unforgiving invaders to normal people who just want to fit into society like everyone else. We have changed, and the Illager race is no longer the aggressive tribe that we once were. Well, at least most of us are. Although we've changed, the rest of society still has their biases against us. I guess not all of us are ready to let go of the past and wake up and realize that things are different now. Not the villagers who pull their children away when they see me in public or the security guards who follow me around the shopping mall. Not Illusioner and his family who still think that we are supposed to be unforgiving criminals, and in a way, not even myself. Even still, we still hold on to the traditions of teaching our children the magic that got our ancestors exiled, or the unparalleled axe crafting and welding techniques that were developed to be used in combat. As I said before, some of us aren't so willing to let go of the past.

  I can still remember when we moved into our current house. I was three and my younger sister wasn't even born yet. It was just me and my parents. I vividly recall searching through neighborhoods in the city and the suburbs, and after searching for what seemed like ages to my young self, we finally found a nice house. It was the perfect home that was in walking distance from downtown and the elementary school that I would've gone to. Then, my parents went to make a deal with the real estate agent, but for some reason or another, he wouldn't sell it to us. I didn't understand any of this at the time. Why didn't he sell us the house? From what I could recall, it was something about them 'not wanting my kind in the neighborhood'. It must've been at that moment when I first witnessed this kind of discrimination. I even recall what my parents said as we were driving to find a house just as perfect as the one that we were denied.
"Mommy, Daddy? Why wouldn't that man sell us the house?"
"Well Evelyn," my mother explained. "They don't like us because of the color of our skin. I'll explain it later."
I was satisfied for the time being.
A few days later, we found another house in an even better location. Just like the first one, it was really close to downtown, but it was in a different city. We had a really cool neighborhood pool and playground, it was walking distance to the city and an arcade and a trampoline center, but the best part about this house was that there were two other young illager families living right next to the house my parents bought! A vindicator and a pillager - Peter and Sam, two kids my age! I finally had someone my age to hang out with, and it was amazing.
One day, Peter and Sam weren't home, so I asked my parents what happened to them.
"They went to school," my father explained.
"Why am I not going to school?" I asked.
"That school is too easy for you. Besides, you should stay here and focus on your training,"

  That was when I began my magic training. I was homeschooled for that first year when my friends were going to preschool. I later learned that the main reason why they didn't send me to school was because they were afraid about me getting bullied at school before I knew how to properly defend myself. They did however bring me out into public a lot. They wanted me to be exposed to the racism of the world. One place that I remember going was the farm. There, my parents taught me how to change the color of a sheep.
"Look at that white sheep over there," my mother said.
"It's pretty, but I think it would look even nicer if it was pink!" I exclaimed. Then, I proceeded to cast the spell and turn the sheep a pastel pink. This was fun! I kept on changing the color of that one sheep. I made it blue, then green, and suddenly, I stopped. There was one of the farmers, and he didn't seem too happy. Was it my mere presence or the fact that I had just magically changed the color of one of the sheep? I really hoped that it was the sheep one, and I was right. Before he said anything, I quickly cast the spell and turned the sheep white again before running away. Then, the farmer spoke to my mother.
"Miss, what kind of trouble are you and your daughter trying to cause here?" he asked.
"Sir, we don't intend on causing any problems here. We live in this city and we don't have room to keep sheep at home. My daughter is being trained right now," my mother replied.
"Well, don't mess with the sheep! You'll scare the other visitors,"
We left the sheep exhibit and looked at the other animals. My mother took this to explain something off-topic. She taught me about the animals.
"Evelyn, did you know that when you breed two animals you get XP? You need XP to craft totems, but we're not going to breed these animals,"
I remember that day like it was yesterday.
I actually still go back to that farm sometimes. Every now and then, I'll just head back and mess with the sheep just a tiny bit. It's more fun when there's children visiting, but not as much when I have to interact with that same farmer again. He still gets annoyed at me for doing it.
"Ah, it's the sheep girl again. Haven't you learned anything?"

[​more to come]
CreditPeter and Sam are Vindicator and Pillager from BENT.

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