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BENT: The mob vote contestants talk about the mob vote

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This is not canon

  Allay, Copper Golem, and Glare are lounging in the community center. Joining them are Moobloom, Iceologer, and Phantom. Although they each come from their own backgrounds, the vastly diverse group shares two things in common: They all ran in the mob vote and they all utterly despise it.
"Well, looks like it's that time of the year again. It's this damn time of the year again," Iceologer complains.
"I'm with you. I absolutely despise that idiotic mob vote almost as much as I hate being stuck in small, dark, and enclosed spaces!" Glare adds angerly.
"It's because you lost so miserably, isn't it?" Iceologer responds.
"What? NO! Don't even get me started on that. Since you think you can just remind me about how few votes I got, I want to remind you that YOU LOST TO A SQUID. A BIOLUMINESCENT SQUID!! I don't hate the mob vote because I lost, I hate it because it is completely and utterly idiotic!" Glare exclaims, sounding even more agitated than before.
Phantom swoops down towards them.
"Heyyy... You still got more votes than I did," she says in a rather taunting tone.
"And you still won. What point are you trying to make here?" Glare shouts back.
Looking up, Copper Golem joins the flame war.
"Less people voted when you ran! You got less votes because there were less voters!!" He exclaims.
Phantom sighs.
"Look guys. You should be lucky that you are here today to share your hatred of the mob vote. My running mates were vaporized the day they lost! I thought that the vote was to choose who WOULDN'T be a sacrifice to some made-up god. Now, you should be LUCKY that you lost! Everyone who voted for me hates me, and the same goes for Glow Squid. Then again, nobody really wanted it to win," she rants, flying around in loops.

Allay puts her hands in front of her body.
"I won the vote, but I'm not particularly a fan of it either... I didn't even choose to run in it, and when I won, I didn't even win anything as a prize, and now my friends are angry about it. Stupid mob vote... What's even the point but to divide communities and make everyone involved mad?" She says to herself.
"My thoughts exactly," Glare adds. Their voice seems calmer when speaking to Allay.

Mooblooom, who had been sitting elsewhere enters.
"Talking about the mob vote? I think it's the dumbest thing ever!" she exclaims.
"Yep..." Allay confirms.

Iceologer and Glare continue to yell back and forth about the absurdity of the mob vote.
"Well, you don't see me grudging over Ali and Chris for beating me, do you???"
"THAT VOTE WAS RIGGED. I bet that if it was RIGGED in your favor-" Glare starts before Iceologer madly cuts them off.
"As if your vote wasn't rigged either!"
"Alrighty. I've had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH IF THIS!!!" Glare exclaims, lifting up a stapler with their telekinesis.
Copper Golem, who is also agitated, picks up a nearby book.
Just as a conflict between the losers of the 2020 and 2021 mob votes, Allay cries out at them.
"STOPP!!! Please! There's no need to fight!"

Her friends seem controlled by spite, and decide to proceed anyways. Not wanting anyone to get hurt, Allay flies in front of the others, taking the stapler and book away from Glare and Copper Golem, who instantly let her take them.

Allay voices her concerns. "There's no reason to get into any fights here. The last thing I want is for someone to get hurt over a meaningless election. The mob vote sucks, and we can all agree on that, right?"
Her close friends seem a tad bit remorseful.
"Yeah, you're right..." Glare says as they put a few pillows that had been thrown back on the couch.
"I'm sorry for this. I don't really want to hurt Mooblooom or anyone for that matter," Copper Golem sighs.
Iceologer gets up. "Ugh. Look. I started this. This whole mess is my fault, and I'm sorry. I never should have brought up the mob vote in the first place. It didn't need to be mentioned, but I had to go ahead and say something anyway," Iceologer says with full sincereity.
Allay winks and adjusts her hair.
"I accept your apology. I'm glad that you guys can all make up and express your thoughts without somehow getting into a fight."
Copper Golem and Glare aproch Allay.

Everything seems to be situated. Deciding that he wants to watch TV, Copper Golem picks up the television remote and turns it on.
"Nope. This show looks boring!" he exclaims, skipping the channel. Copper Golem continues scrolling through channels until he stays on one news station for a bit too long.
"This year's MOB VOTE contestants are set to be revealed soon..."
The TV is quickly powered off.

"Why don't we just put the whole mob vote at rest? There shouldn't be mob votes in the first place!" Copper Golem says.
"Agreed. 100 % agreed. DOWN WITH MOB VOTES!!" Phantom cheers.
Everyone agrees.

While very different, the six contestants has a few things in common. Besides the fact that they were all competing in the Battle for the Enchanted Netherite Trophy. First was that all of them had run in the mob vote and the second was that they all hated it.


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10/04/2022 3:53 amhistory
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Is it just me or are parts of BENT getting slightly more schmaltzy over time?
10/04/2022 3:52 pm
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I really want to develop the characters a bit more, especially those who I believe could be considered for a second season.
In this hypothetical second season, I'd defently love to focus a bit more on the characters right from the start.
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