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Best mods for cars in Minecraft

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Minecraft is known for introducing some of the coolest mods of any game, and with the Cars and Drives Mod 1.8/1.7.10 players are now allowed to have even more cars and drives such as a Ferrari, a 313 (Donald Duck’s car), a Jeep, a truck, a blue car, a yellow car and a van. Each car has its own speed and you can enter and drive every car that is available once you download the mod. The 1.8 update came out in 2013 and allows players to drive around their own world and other worlds in the car of their choice when they download Minecraft Forge. With the use of Minecraft mods, you can get lost in this new world, instead of having to worry about real life insurance, where to get gap insurance from and other car maintenance worries.

How To Build Your Own Minecraft Car

Here we’ve put together a quick step by step guide to help you learn how to create your very own Minecraft car, which was what was used before the mods came into play. Firstly, you must focus on the wheels. You can use coal blocks or black blocks for the wheels, but make sure that they are placed 3 blocks away from each other, and the wheels are 1 gap apart. Then place a section of a block which is 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks long in front of one set of wheels. This is the front part of the car. You can then proceed to decorate the front part with carpet or other material. Behind the front wheels, put a row of three Quartz. Then, put one block of Quartz in front of each of the back wheels. Then you will need to add driving parts such as seats within the car, using carpet and blocks. Quartz is the main material used for the rest of the car as well as carpet, allowing you to decorate the front and back of your vehicle. The most important step is to dig out the floor beside where you have placed the seat. After this, you can then put glass panes in the car, and then the roof and the door.

Mine-Car Add-On

This add-on replaces five in-game mobs with brand new cars, which provide you with a fast and flexible opportunity to move around your Minecraft maps. They also require no fuel and can be driven on any kind of terrain within the worlds. In order to spawn the cars you will need to use a mob spawn egg and the easiest way to do this is in creative mode. There are five different cars and each of them replaces a mob in-game: red car replaces a stray, blue car: wither skeleton, green car: skeleton, orange car: zombie pigman and yellow car: husk. This add-on is only used on computer versions of Minecraft and is suitable for use with Windows 10. A Halloween update called Changelog added two new cars, helmets, changes to the test map and bug fixes throughout the test maps.
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