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Beta 1.9 Nether UPDATE

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Mythra13 avatar Mythra13
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So, no date has been set yet for the next Minecraft update, but we have some of the details on what is planned to be in it. For one thing they plan to flesh out the Nether a bit more. This is a much needed change to the game, I personally don't care for the nether. In fact, aside from the glowstone they can take out the nether and replace it with some certain mods and I'd be very happy. Well, maybe after this update I will feel differently about the nether, the only thing announced to be changed about the nether so far is the addition of "Netherrack Bricks". (as seen in the image above)

I speculate that they will be made by taking four pieces of netherrack and crafting them together much the same way that Stone Bricks are made, or even like sandstone, either a 4 for 4 conversion or a 4 for 1.

Also, we can look forward to the second part of the Adventure Update. This means a use for the experience orbs, spending them on skills such as additional health or added jump height. Jeb plans to improve the armor system by adding more durability to the armor and simplifying the armor value calculation.

Finally, 1.9 should bring us some features that some of us have been missing since they were either announced or taken out as of 1.8: Snowy biomes, Rainforest biomes, Mushroom biomes, NPCs in the villages, infinite number of Strongholds (with Boss mobs) and possibly even the addition of Volcanoes to the world of Minecraft.

The cocoa bean tree wasn't added into update 1.8, I still forsee the possibility that this will make it into the game. There is also the feature of animal breeding/more persistent animals which is in development. I believe I read somewhere that at one point Notch and Jeb were in disagreement over how baby animals would be implemented.

Well, still a lot to look forward to, in the meantime, I'm going to go back and play some Minecraft!

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11/07/2012 9:08 pm
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Diamond'd 8-)
09/18/2011 2:16 am
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Thnx for the update ^_^ good info what was your souce/s (I'm guessing notch's twitter feed cuz you know we all look at it sometimes ;D)
09/18/2011 5:53 am
Level 70 : Legendary Artist
Mythra13 avatar
The picture came from the minecraft forum website, then I went to minecraft wiki. Then I also use Google (open source intel) and try to stay objective and present as many stated facts as possible. After presenting the information I find, I sometimes make an assessment based on what new information has come to light. Thank you for you comment. You may also enjoy my more recent blog, "Dragons and the Sky Dimension".
09/17/2011 3:45 am
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nice one on the information
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