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Biome & World dragons, Kingdoms and Quests [Minecraft Minedeas]

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avatar liquidvenom13
Level 31 : Artisan Dragonborn
Hellooooo Planet minecraft! this is my submission for the minedeas contest.

My Minedea is for Biome & World Dragons, Also Kingdoms and Quests.

This modification Idea would make minecraft have more of a story line for those haters that think that minecraft is just a stupid game without a storyline, it would also add more variety to people who think that survival is boring and creative you dont get to do anything.

there would be a dragon for each biome and world.

Dragon loot
When you enter a dragons cave or place it lives it will have chests with bones and gold and wool and meat.

Befriending Dragons
you would need to feed it 5-8 cooked porkchop or steak to befriend it. you know when it is befriended because it has hearts go around its head (like when you collar a wolf). then you would need to saddle it, this is not done easily. you will need to build a ledge tall enough to reach his back, then you place the saddle. then you can ride the dragon.

Nether Dragons
Nether Dragons would look like giant skeletal dragons, they would be found in nether caves or on the top of a nether fortress. the dragon can transport itself out of the nether. to get the dragon out of the nether you need to hit the letter "X" and it will teleport out. Once out of the nether you dragon will be hungry because he used up a lot of energy to teleport. take your dragon to an open area with lots of animals then hit the letter "F" to breathe fire and then it Crispy Fries the animals. dismount collect the food and feed your dragon. From then on you choose what you do with your dragon. NOTE: The dragons fire breathe takes about 30 seconds to regenerate.
Nether Dragon saddle

Overworld dragons
These dragons look like the end dragon but have green eyes instead of purple and they are grey. These Dragons are often found in Caves it the top of high mountains but sometimes there is a dragon that is living directly on top of a mountain which is easier to find. NOTE: The dragons fire breathe takes about 60 seconds to regenerate.
Overworld dragon saddle

Forest dragons
These dragons are green and they look like a overworld dragon but their eyes are a darker green and they are also green, they have vines growing on them. they can be found on the top or in the leaves of the largest trees, these dragons a little bit smaller than the other ones. NOTE: this one can breathe fire every 2 minutes.

forest biome dragon saddle.

Snow Biome dragons
These dragons are found in ice fortresses on frozen lakes or they are found in snow fortresses in the open snowy areas or the snowy forests. this one dies not breath fire it breathes the coldest winds and it freezes its victim to death, carry a torch, blaze rod or a lava bucket and it will not be able to freeze you. these dragons are white with eyes as Black as coal. NOTE: this dragons breathe will regenerate every 1 minute.

Snow biome Dragon saddle

desert biome dragon
These dragons are the size of a overworld dragon, they are bright yellow and they have red eyes. They are often found on the top of desert temples but can be also found wandering the desert looking for food. their fire regenerates every 45 seconds.

png Idk why the bottom six items are discolored there is a glitch in the site
Desert Biome Dragon Saddle

Jungle biome dragons
These dragons are identical to forest dragons but they are found on jungle temples. their fire regenerates every 90 seconds. (1 1/2 minutes)

Water dragons
These dragons are The largest dragon of them all! they are a grey-ish blue and their eyes are a deep blue.
These dragons are found in the water or under water in water fortresses. they do not breathe fire they shoot water at their prey, they can shoot water about 4 times until they need to refill, to do so they just sit in water for 30 seconds.

Water biome dragon saddle

End Dragon
The end dragon cannot be befriended, you need to slay the end dragon and then take the egg back home and let it hatch. then saddle the dragon. this dragon has the highest health and it has a never ending stream of fire breathe. this dragon will fly higher than any other dragon and it eats almost anything.

End dragon saddle

laying eggs
to have your dragon lay an egg you need to build a nest. to do so you need to let your dragon rest for 3 day and night cycles ( this means do NOT ride the dragon for 3 minecraft days), then make a 5x5 square in front of the dragon. the dragon will then lay an egg, the dragon will need to stay in the nest for 2 day and night cycles, then the egg will hatch. NOTE: the dragon will need to be fed throughout the whole 5 day egg laying process give it food once the sun rises and once the sun sets. the baby dragon needs food when hatched too. and you will just need another saddle to have the dragon as a mount cause it will already be befriended.

This is not the NPC castle. I pulled this castle pic from the video that captainsparkles did on youtube. video is called falled kingdom.

Kingdoms and Quests
Kingdoms and quests would be compatible with dragons and it would create NPC Kingdoms with a king and subjects and shops that you can trade and buy stuff in. you can also have dialogue with people. there would be a quest map that shows you what to do and where to go. each time you complete a quest you get one piece of armor of your choice starting with leather working its way up to chain. you get a complete set of chain armor and full diamond tools and a diamond sword when you complete the last quest... Rescue the princess from the tower and slay the dragon. the dragon could be any of the dragons listed above, the dragon could not be the end dragon. each NPC kingdom has the same quests but when you go to a new kingdom you have to start the quests over, they might not be in the same order but the princess quest will always be the last.

thanks for taking the time to read my HUGE minedeas entry!

Liquidvenom out!
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