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birds and bushes

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Soft whispers brushed against her ears, turning them every which way. Her whiskers sensed every tiny footstep. She softly padded through the brush, eyeing her prey and listening to the cat beside her.

She watched her brother settle onto his stomach, his tail sticking out behind him like a twig. He was ready. He raised his hind and pounced, a black and white shadow streaking through the misty air.

He leaped up onto the highrock, barely missing his target. The bright feathers flew away before he could hook his claws on them.

He hissed in frustration, lashing his tail.

Then the bird was back. She took action, springing onto the highrock and accidentally knocking her brother off. He meowed in indignation.

She caught it. She dug her sharp claws into it, tearing into its feathery skin and pulling it to her, biting at its neck.

It began to tug away. Tug, tug, tug. But she held on. She wouldn’t let go, she was a fierce warrior who never missed her-

It flew off. She stood on her hind legs, pawing the air in her attempt to get the jerky creature.

A quiet giggle interrupted the scene. She glanced up at the long-legged no-hair that held the creature in its fleshy paws, turning to its companion, its jaw emitting strange noises. It was strange, but it was how it communicated with other no-hairs.

She climbed off the highrock onto the cold, white ground. Her heart was pounding with the excitement of the chase, and she dashed across the white ground to reach the red, fluffy grass that tickled her paws. She picked at the grass, all the while wondering why it seemed so different than the green grass that lay on the opposite side of the white wall.

She’s scaled the clear wall before, to her brother’s dismay. When the no-hairs moved the white wall, a weird, lazy four-legged brown-hair stretched off of the longrock and made its way to the green grass. She was jealous. How come it could go there, but she couldn’t?

Ah. It was happening. The smallest no-hair slid open the white wall, and the heavy four-legged brown-hair stood as it was called. The no-hair made strange noises and bent down to pat its knees.

Oh, but the brown-hair took too long. She took the chance, and she bounded past the white wall. The no-hair raised its voice, chasing her onto the greyrock and into the green grass. It was catching up to her, and she hid under a bush, hissing at the no-hair. It glared at her with its large blue eyes, snapping its rounded claws.

The tallest no-hair appeared behind the small one, getting down on its knees and pushing the branches away.

The smaller one crawled into the bush, grabbing her middle and dragging her out. She meowed in contempt and tried to scratch the no-hair’s arms, her effort meaningless. It carried her back to the white wall, closing it behind them and putting her on the softrock, shaking its head.

Her brother padded up to her, using his back legs to propel himself onto the softrock and sniffed her coat, making sure she was okay. They settled beside each other, forming a black and white circle and soon her soft snores told the tale of adventure once again.

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Pet images. Very worth clicking.


02/27/2019 4:20 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Dragon
Well from what I know im a consistent reader, I like to read very big books however if its not interesting I struggle horribly.
02/27/2019 4:17 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Dragon
I kinda feel bad for you because I can type a pretty solid 81 WPM

I usually end up typing about 1500 words within 30 minutes, so my english teacher gets mad at me lots for that.

However speaking about the story...
02/27/2019 4:18 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Procrastinator
An Intelligent Moron
I'm a fast typer, I've just been struggling with writer's block and I end up telling, not showing and pulling out maybe a sentence every few days.
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