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Black, White, And Gray

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avatar NightmarErRoR
Level 24 : Expert Dragonborn
I'm The Daughter Of Peter Parker, The Spider-Man, And I'm Also Spider-Man, I Even Have A Matching Suit. Well, More Like Spider-Girl, But Don't Call Me That. No, Not That Spider-Man. His Friends From Different Universes Call Him Spider-Man Noir. So That's What He Goes By Now. But, Enough About The Present. I Want To Tell You About Something That Happened To Me In The Past.

*About A Week Before*

I Was Alone. Nobody To Take Care Of Me In These Dark Times. My Father? Gone. He'd Gone One Day, And Hadn't Come Back For Five Whole Days. Of Course, I'd Assumed He'd Abandoned Me, Left Me For Dead. But I Couldn't Find Out What I Did Wrong, So Maybe He'd Come Back.
As It Turned Out, He Did. "Father!" I'd Said Running To Him, Crying And Hugging Him As Tight As I Could. "I Thought You'd Left Me." I'd Said, Still Hugging Him Tight. "No, I'd Never Leave You." He Said Removing His Mask And Smiling , Something He Rarely Did. Then, He'd Told Me Everything About What Happened When He Left. It Was A Pretty Crazy And Cool Story. I Then Saw He Had Something In His Hand. "What's In Your Hand?" I'd Asked, Pointing To His Hand. He'd Glanced At His Hand, Then Said : "What If I Told You There Are More Colors Than Just Black, White And Gray?" He'd Asked Me. "That's Not Possible." I Said. Was He Joking? "That's What I Thought Until Now." He's Said, Opening His Hand, To Reveal A Very Interesting Object With... New Colors? He Wasn't Joking When He Said There Were More Colors, Though, He Hardly Ever Is. "What I Forgot To Mention In My Story, Was That That Universe Has Other Colors, And Advanced Technology." He's Said. "What Is It? What Does It Do?" I Asked. " I Don't Quite Know What It Is, Or What It Does." He Admitted. "I Can Teach You These Colors, Just Like My Friends Did, If You Want." He'd Said. " Yes! Of Course I Want To! " I'd Said Excited. And He'd Smiled, And Taught Me Every Color On That Object.
And That, My Friends, Is How I Found Out, That There Is More Color To The World Than Just, Black, White, And Gray.

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Also, It You Haven't Watched The Movie, The 'Very Interesting Object' Is A Rubix Cube :3
  • Outflow
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Scribe
  • March 16, 2019, 12:03 pm
I like this a lot! Great job!
Thanks! That Means A Lot To Me :)
Ok, If You Haven't Noticed, I Love Making My Favorite Characters My Parents. ._.
So, I Use My Real Name Once Again, To Make Ella Parker. Oof

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