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blackout ---- a new story

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Level 22 : Expert Pony
The lights flickered. so did the sun. in 5 days, the world would overcome a total blackout, lasting forever.
people tried to hid, escape, do whatever the could to escape the eternal blackout. Earth was the main victim of the moon, suddenly taking over the sun and gaining its power. in 5 days, the world would shrivel up and die.
''In 5 days'' said Samantha, just letting her thoughts come out of her mouth. Earth was very powerful, and to be hit with a blackout, to just shrivel up and die like a hopeless flower, seemed almost imposable. ''How come this can't be easier to handle, like the meteor, in 9012?'' Samantha asked her teacher. ''Why can't we just carry on with our lives,
just as if Earth were going to get remade?!'' Samantha said, and stormed off. It was true, once, a meteor slammed right into Earth, and they did nothing about it. they just filled it in with cement. like a new road. but it's different this time, and this time, There's a story to tell.

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