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Blender Render (Pop Reel!)


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avatar Salaudo
Level 31 : Artisan Blockhead
Hello there guys! its me... and if you look at the picture above you can see that its an animation... but i used blender... which is a REALLY hard to use program... but anyway... i just wanted to show you what i made out of it! (pic above) and if you would like the link to blender i will gladly give you  the link now before i do... i would just like to let you know that its a really complicated animation program... its not just for minecraft you can make ANYTHING!!! really though its awesome


Thank you for viewing!

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Ahah! Nice... Though, I'd like to suggest a couple things...
1. These kind of things tend to be called "renders", animations are a multitude of frames layed together to create the realisation of something moving.
2. The textures on the blocks look very blury, I'd suggest going to the texture tab and under "image sampling", change the filter to either box or feline, and un-tick MIP map and interpolation.
3. Try changing the amount of samples the image uses (you can change it under the sampling tab, this only works in cycles though...), this will fix the grain in the shadow of the wooden hut.
4. I would suggest finding a better rig or learning how to make one yourself, even if you're not going to make your own, it's useful to learn so that you can change parts of rigs.

Apart from that, great work! Keep it up c:

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