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So I decided to write a short story. It came out a lot longer than I planned
Hope you enjoy!

Warning: It's not that scary, but if you're really not into scary things, beware.

The inside of the Big Cup Cafe is a comfort from the cold, wintry winds just outside the door. Evangeline pulls of her grey scarf and stuffs it into her large grey purse. There was a large line, which was expected saying as it’s so cold outside and everyone loves a good cup of hot coffee.

She walked up behind a lady with wavy brown hair, and she seemed to be wearing a black cloak. The lady turned, and Evangeline let out a little gasp before she could stop it. Her eyes were a white grey color; she was blind. But that didn’t take away her beauty. She wore light red lipstick and blush. Her hair was a beautiful dark brown, and the waves seemed perfect. Evangeline smiled, suddenly feeling self-conscious about her own dark brown hair.

The lady smiled as if she knew I was smiling, before turning to walk up to the counter, using a long black stick with a beautiful green jewel near the top. Tap! Tap! She slapped the stick on the ground until she was standing in front of the counter. The man at the counter, Evan, smiled at her, and asked what she would like.

“I’ll have a hazelnut latte please.” She turned to Evangeline. “And, um, would you mind if I bought you your caramel latte?”

Startled, Evangeline shook her head “no”.

“Are you sure, Evangeline? It wouldn’t be any trouble.”

How did she know her name?! Evangeline found her voice: “N-No thank you Ma’am. I can buy my own.” This lady was freaking her out. Big time.

“If you say so.” She turned back to Evan and sighed. “Just the hazelnut latte please.”

“Alrighty. That’ll be $3.95. Please stand over there to wait. You’ll pay over there as you get your drink.” Evan pointed at a another counter where there were at least three other people waiting.

Evangeline walked up to the counter, staring at the lady as she walked to the waiting line.

“Hey Evi,” Evan smiled warmly and Evangeline had to smile back. “Hey.”

Evan knew just about everyone who came in here, and Evi wondered… “Have you seen that lady in here before?”

Evan jerked his head toward her. “The blind one?”

“Yeah. She kinda freaks me out. Did you hear her? She knew I would order a caramel latte, and she knew my name!”

Evan grinned. “Probably heard someone talking about you, and maybe she’s seen you order a caramel latte before, so she assumed. And no, I’ve never seen her before in my life.”

Evi nodded absentmindedly. “Yeah, probably. One caramel latte please.” She walked over to the waiting line before Evan could reply.

There were only two people left waiting, including the Blind Lady. Evi had no choice but to wait behind her again. She decided to look at some of the cups they were selling first. She glanced back to the line, and saw the other person already got their cup of steaming coffee, and the Blind Lady was next. Evi walked to the line, but stayed a little further behind the Blind Lady, not wanting to talk to her again. She gave her the heebie-jeebies. About a minute or two later, the Blind Lady had payed and gotten her latte. As she walked from the line, and seemed to look directly into Evi’s eyes and smiled. Evi watched her sit at a small table and stare out the large window at the cold world.

“Ehem.” The lady waiting at the counter looked annoyed.

“Sorry.” Evi quickly payed for the drink, and decided not to stay in here after all. She’d just go home. It was getting late anyways. She tried to sneak out without paying any attention to herself, but Evan ruined it.

“See ya later Evi!”

Evi groaned. As quietly as she could yell, she replied, “See ya!” before quickly rushing out the door and into the cold wind. She shivered despite the warm latte in her hands.

Her apartment was only a block away, so she walked to and from the cafe almost everyday. She set out along the sidewalk, taking a small sip of her hot latte. Not many people were out and about right now. It was too cold, and looked as if it might snow in a few hours.

She quickly headed home, wanting to get in her warm apartment, eat dinner, watch TV, then get in her cozy, warm bed. Tap! Tap! Evi froze. She could’ve sworn she heard tapping. She turned, but saw no one there. She laughed and said to herself, “You need to get home, Evi, you’re imagining things!” She started walking again, but then froze as she hard it again. Tap! Tap! Tap! It was getting faster. Evi panicked and started running. Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Faster. Faster. Faster.

Evi’s lungs burned, but as she turned the corner, she saw her apartment building straight ahead. The sun had already set, and the last of the light was slipping away. Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Just a little more. Tap! Tap! Tap! So close! Tap! Tap! Tap! Evi reached the door to her apartment, unlocked it with shaky hands, and raced in, immediately bolting the door behind her. Leaning against the door, she was breathing heavily, sweat trickling from her temples.

Part of her was laughing on the inside, knowing it was all stupid, and she was scaring herself. The other part was terrified. Terrified, knowing it could be true. What if the Blind Lady was following her?

Even though the terrified part was larger, the logical part of her told her to stop. There was no way a blind lady could chase her. She’s blind! And why would she? She turned on the lights. All of them. Just in case, she told herself.

She pulled out two slices of pizza from the refrigerator, and put them in the toaster. Walking into the small living room, she sat on the couch, and pulled out her phone. She dialed her best friend, September’s, number and listened to the ringing. After four rings, September picked up.

“What’s up?”

“Hey Sep. How’s your aunt?”

September’s Aunt Ash was dying of cancer. It was horrible. Sep had been visiting her as much as she could, knowing any day could be her last.

Sep sighed. “Not good. Her health is declining rapidly, and the doc says she’ll probably make it a day or two, but that’s it.”

“I’m so sorry.” Evangeline remembered when her mother died. She shuddered. It was awful.

“Me too.” Her voice was quiet. “We’ll all miss her. Mom never stays away from the hospital. She’s afraid my aunt will...go, and she won’t be there to say goodbye.”

Evi almost forgot what she called to talk about. “Today I went tot he cafe, and there was this blind lady, and she knew what I was gonna order, and then she said my name, but I never gave it to her, and then, when she got her drink, she seemed to look straight at me with her eyes, and smiled, but, I mean, how? She's blind! Maybe I’m going crazy, do you think I’m going crazy? Oh, I wish you were here!”

Ding! Evi got up to get her pizza, holding the phone between her shoulder and ear.

“Whoa. Start over. And talk slower please. I got almost none of that.”

Evangeline started from the beginning and told Sep everything, while she got the pizza, and by the time she was done, she was on the couch again, with the pizza on a plate on her lap.

“Wow. If that’s all true, then I wish I was there! I mean, for your safety obviously, but that sounds so interesting!”

Evi snorted. “Yeah, but if you were here with me, I’m sure you would be as freaked out at I am!”

“Well, sure, but aren’t you going to investigate or something?”

Evi sighed. “If only I were as brave with things like that as you, Sep. I mean, if she is gone, I don’t wanna do something to make her follow me again. It scares me.”

“Sorry. I probably wouldn’t investigate without someone with me either. Call me later, or if anything else happens, okay?”

“I will. I miss you. Let me know when you plan on coming back.”

“Okay. Cya.”


Evi waited until Sep hung up, before setting the phone on the little wood table next to the couch. She reached for the remote and pressed the power button. The TV screen was still blank. “Uh. Hello?” She pressed it again. Nothing. Strange…

Evi sighed, and set the remote down on the table, her eyes instantly went to the picture sitting there. A picture of a happy family. Two girls stood in front of their parents. They were all smiling. Evi sighed, remembering that family. That picture had been taken the day they visited zoo. 9-year-old Evangeline, and 7-year-old Cassie had always wanted to go to the zoo. The day they finally did, it rained, but it was still as fun and exciting as they had hoped.

Evi’s eyes went to her mother, Lilith. He brown hair hung over her shoulders perfectly, and her beautiful green eyes seemed to smile. Evi almost cried remembering what she had felt the day her mother had died. And not only had she died, but she had been murdered. No one found out who did it. Evi was only ten, and Cassie, her younger sister, eight.

Her dad hasn’t stopped grieving for her since then. He moved to Pennsylvania, near his sister. He never visited Evi or Cassie, but he loved when they visited him.

Evi remembered how Cassie had felt when their mother died. She would cry every night for her. Evi would hold her and sing to her and tell her stories, but it never helped. Cassie moved to New York a few years ago to try and make it big. She inherited their mother’s beautiful voice. Cassie looked as if she was born to be famous. Perfect hair, teeth, and her beautiful brown-blue eyes. Evi had always been jealous of--

Ching! Ching!

Evi’s thoughts were cut off by the sound of by a strange sound. What was that? Someone was in her apartment. She reached for her phone, and her pocket knife. She debated whether to go check it out, or keep her butt on the couch, and wait. The answer popped into her head. What would Sep do?

She stifled a sigh, and slowly got up, moving toward the entryway to the kitchen.

Ching! Ching!

Knives! Evi realized the sound was two knives scraping together. The sound sent shivers up her spine. A noise came from the hall to her right, and she quickly turned her head that way. She almost screamed when she caught a glimpse of the Blind Lady, but her skin was cut, and her clothes ripped up. She was instantly gone. Evi listened for any sign of someone in the house.


She looked in the kitchen, and in front of her stood a beautiful woman. Wait. It wasn’t just a beautiful woman. It was the Blind Lady. Her clothes had changed, and she was wearing a beautiful green dress. The obvious thing that changed were her eyes. They were an emerald green. Not white-grey. Green. Alive.

And she’s holding two knives.

Yet she’s smiling. Smiling right at Evi.

Suddenly it hits her. “M-Mom?”

The Lady smiles brighter. “You remember me!”

Evi can’t look away from the knives. Sharp, pointy. “You’re d-dead.”

Lilith laughs softly. “No one ever found out who killed me. But I know who did. Remember when your grandmother was murdered? They never found who murdered her, just like me. Well, your grandmother murdered me.”

Evi’s eyes widened. She saw where this was going. What was happening. But why?

As if she read Evi’s mind, Lilith continued, “Why, you might ask. When you’re murdered, and no one finds who did it, you become restless. You get lonely. Your grandmother came for me. She was lonely and she missed me. She needed company. So she killed me. Killed me, so I could join her. So she wouldn’t be lonely. Now, well, now it’s my turn.”

Lilith had been slowly getting closer to Evi, and she now stood almost right in her face.

Evi panics. “You can’t…”

“I’m sorry my dear Evangeline. I miss you too much. I’m lonely.”

Lilith smiles before saying the last words Evi will hear alive. “I love you.”

Evi gasps before it all goes black.

2 Days Later

“I just can’t believe she’s gone.” Cassie was in her hotel room with her dad, Jayce. They had heard about Evi a day ago. When Sep kept trying to call her, she called Evan, and when neither of them had seen her, they called the police. They found her just like they had Lilith. She had been stabbed in two places, lying in the same position as Lilith. No one had seen it coming.

Jayce was hugging Cassie tightly. “I miss her too, Sweetie.”

Cassie wiped away some stray tears. “I never even got to tell her the news.”

Jayce sat up and looked her in the eyes. “What news?”

Cassie smiled shyly, for a moment, as if forgetting everything that had happened. “I’m pregnant.”

She was suddenly being tightly squeezed. “Oh, that’s wonderful news!”

“She’s due in December. Josh and I can’t wait!”

As they were hugging, a shadow passed over them. In the corner of the room, bright blue eyes stared at them. In a whisper, it talked.

“10 years Cassie. 10 years before I’m lonely enough for you to join me.”

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Sppoookyyyy.. o.o ♥
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Thanks! ♥ (for the millionth time cx)
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scery ;n;
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thenks c:
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good times
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I'm still shaking. Beautiful story, but sad. Love it! c=
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ooh scary! <33
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