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.:Blog:. Whats The Problem With Teen Skins? (Not A Rant)

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avatar XiRiX33
Level 30 : Artisan Pixel Puncher
Hey Guys So Before You Think That I Have A Problem With Teen Skins Its A No I Also Dont Try Protecting Them People Who Are
B**ch's Would Be Like: ''Hey Stop Making Teen Skins You Suck At Them Make Something Diffrent'' And The Others Would Be Like ''Im Acctualy Not A Fan Of Teen Skins But This One Is Good'' 
                                                  Whats The Big Deal?
                                                  Its Some People Not Respecting Others Opinions
                                                           We All Have Opinions Some Of Us Do Like Skins While The Others Dont
                              Why Do They Even Make Them
                                                         Like What Sugarbun Said In Her Blog People On PMC Are Teens! The Want To Make What They 
Feel! For Example There Are Some Monster Skins , And Yes I Love Monster Skins But I Would Not Wear Them Cause Im A Girl It Doesnt Fit My Personality!
                                                               Before You Start Hating Me
                                                                 This Is My Opinion And Its The Teen Skinners Opinions Not Everybody Hates Teen Skins And Not Everybody Likes Them  
                                        The Best Way To Solve This
                                                                      Ignore Them Do Whatever You Like! There Not You! They Are Not Your Boss! They Cant Tell You What To Do So Please Just Stop Being Rude To Others Opinions! Lets Just Stay Calm And Do What We Like To Do!
          Love , Ashley

12/07/2015 7:29 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Fish
well said. well put together.
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