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Blood and Custard Pt.2

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Guts N Pixels avatar Guts N Pixels
Level 41 : Master Skinner
Dipsy, the second biggest of the four ran through the dark forest in his bright green suit, he saw the other two that wore red and yellow out run him far beyond off into the forest where they vanished from sight.

I can't outrun whatever is chasing us he thought, so maybe if he would hide, they'd pass him by. He stopped running, and examined his environment. The trees were all too thin for him to hide in, and his bright green would stick out easily.

He stepped back as twigs and leaves snapped beneath his green foot, I could cover myself in the brush floor perhaps. He lied down on the ground and began rolling about, getting dirty and sticks stuck to the clothing. After enough rolling, he started hearing large stomping trots coming in his direction as if a large horse was running.

His heart jumped, and quickly he began covering himself in the leaves, sticks, and dirt. The noise grew louder by the second, as soon as the last lead covered his face, a large purple creature busted through the trees and moved about like gorilla.

Its mouth was torn wide full of rotting teeth, as tentacles slithered and hung from the abyss on it's stomach. It wasn't until Dispy saw the top of its head hanging with a triangle that he realized, it was Tinky.

It looked around blindly, it knew Dispy was here. Smelling for him as the tentacles searched about, it snorted and said in a mucus filled voice, "I can smell your hunger Dispy, your need for Custard, I have the remedy you seek...all you need to do, is come forth".

Dispy was too terrified to move or even blink, it slowly searched for him inch by inch. It coughed and hacked, and puked out a black substance similar to custard, with what appeared to have an eyeball and some bones in it. "Dipsy, do you know how delicious children are? They are full of custard, the most sweetest and delicious. I brought some for you, from my most recent and first meal".

Dispy trying quietly crawling away, tears glistening in his eyes while trying to stifle his breaths, he placed his hand on a twig and it snapped loudly. The purple beast quickly ran in Dispys directing and grabbed him by the leg with the tentacles, lifted him in the air, and shoveled the black substance into his mouth.

Dispy gagged and choked, the slime sticking to his throat and face, handful after handful of custard shoved into his mouth. The beast dropped Dispy to the ground, he landed on his head and laid still for a moment.

His body began twisting and cracking, his eyes exploded from his skull and he began screaming, his arms and legs snapped and stretched, his stomach where the television sat began hissing and sparking, burning away the flesh on his stomach.

Small static screens grew into his empty eye sockets, the television froze into a bunch of rectangular colors and began making a loud ERRRRRRRRRRRRR like a "Please Stand-by".

Dispy rose upright like a vampire rising out of its coffin, his body quickly twitching every few seconds, the eyes quickly shifting in grains of black and white quietly. And without saying a word, it quickly twitched and shifted like a supernatural possession as it blinked after the other two...
Blood and Custard Pt.2

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02/11/2023 5:40 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Mage
Boba_Mushy avatar
When I saw pt 1 I was like "oh the skin that went with it can't get any more creepy".
Well I think it did
02/11/2023 3:04 pm
Level 41 : Master Skinner
Guts N Pixels
Guts N Pixels avatar
It's a challenge outdoing a skin before, glad you like it...
02/03/2023 10:17 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Blacksmith
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