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Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood, Sweat and Tears

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Level 9 : Apprentice Cake

"Mine!" Steve announced as he grew nearer to the tree. "You don't deserve it," Jeff blurted out in response. It was only the fourth day since the drought brought the world upon itself and now everyone was starting to realize the water promised, that should of came from the government yesterday, was far from reality. Not every one knew how to get water, but Steve did and his competition was Jeff. Were there is trees there's water, as all others were dying but somehow this one managed to live, the cause was water. Now one tree could live with water but what Steve would find out, they could live with a whole lot more.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," Steve let out a jolting scream to surprise his enemy but Jeff was already there, taking swing after swing of his axe cutting the tree. As it fell so did Steve, with the ground unstable he sunk right through leaving no trail behind, as Jeff scurried off with his prized possession that would soon be taken from him, Steve was in a different circumstance. The fall had knocked him out for a few seconds but when he regained conciseness he was unable to take in everything at once. He was in an underground city with dim lights and shining corridors made of pure iron, untouched by the world above, out off the warfare, it was an oasis.

A light shined down on him, "who are you!" a voice announced. "This story is escalating quickly," Steve murmured. "I'm Steve" Steve said in response to the voice, "just a desperate human" he continued not wanting the voice to misunderstand him. "What brings you here" the voice shouted back, determined to get an answer. Steve had to think about all he had been through and then responded "A tree," all-tho it was not the best answer it was true. Some hushed mumbling around the city suggest that it did not want Steve there but then, "hey!" Came a voice, "I'm Alex," it was Alex, but you probably already guessed that. "Are you new here? Are you alone? How old are you? want to be friends?" Forever. This girl could go on until the sun blew up and past, so rather than bore you with the unnecessary talk between Steve and Alex I'm sure you're wondering what ever happened to Jeff.

Bang! A solo gun shot, that's all it takes to bring someone to their knees or in Jeff's case, to their face. "What in the world!" Screamed Jeff's wife, she was outside on the balcony when her husband had been struck. Two masked men on horses rode up to Jeff, kicked him hard in the ribs, and stole the tree. No-one knows what happened to Jeff but his dog and even if we could talk to dogs he's been dead ever since he tried casing a catfish. But only the cat knows that story. His wife today just sits and weeps sometimes but mainly enjoys hanging out with a good book in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. Once again we must go to a place below he surface where a man and a woman are finished taking.

"Come on" Alex pulled on Steve's arm, "I want you to meet the rest of the crew." A hidden door in the wall reveled a long flight of stairs up to a control room, Steve could not see this room but he knew it was their because on the back of the door it said "CONTROL ROOM, KEEP OUT" and he was sure that's where they were going. As they reached the last stair five men and two woman came into view. "This is Henry..." Alex induced every one in the room until she turned to him and said "everybody, this is Steve. "He shook Every-ones hand saying "nice to meet you" being polite. Just then a loud buzzer went off "Lunch Time!" Henry communicated through a small round object laid out on the desk, as a flood of people scurried off to what was most likely the lunch room.

Crew Descriptions - Personality's
Henry - A born leader, likes getting everything his way. As the oldest he is the crew leader, he wears a long white lab coat with thick glasses and jeans. Age 87, Male

Joe - A very silent genius who is always willing to help people out, however he won't go up to the world above. Slender and tall wearing jeans a plaid shirt and round glasses. Age 21, Male

Bobby - A zany person all around but when you give him a task, he's on it! Always ready to work and will never lose a fight and always pairs up with his twin brother, Billy. Short, fat and wears shorts and a tank top all year round. Age 17, Male

Billy - A zany person all around but when you give him a task, he's on it! Always ready to work and will never lose a fight and always pairs up with his twin brother, Bobby. Short, fat and wears shorts and a tank top all year round. Age 17, Male

Emily - Being confident in every move she is quick witted and always sarcastic but a little bit of a know-it-all. Has a wide selection of stylish ripped jeans and a leather jacket with a tank-top and always keeps up with the latest trends. Age 15, Female

Ted - Secretly has a crush on Emily and follows her everywhere. Always wears the same black hoodie, no matter what, along with high tops and sweatpants. Age 13, Male

Alex - The youngest of the crew but Henry's favorite, very skilled at math and super strategic. Short and skinny with high boots and loose green shirt tied with a brown belt. Age 13, Female

Chapter 1

To tell you that Steve made it out of the underground city would be a lie, he did however make it to the lunchroom where he was disappointed to see that lunch had not been served. It was twenty minutes since the buzzer rang when Alex told him what was going on, "we have a short recreation time in here before lunch. Do you want to play a game," Steve did not want to play a game at this time but when Ted and Emily came over to join them he was forced into the game. "Hey!" Ted was a loud person and always liked to talk, as you might guess this made for a unusual situation. "Nice to see you around, wanna hang out later by the tree!" In response, not wanting to upset his new friend, he gladly accepted.

Now, the tree wasn't the beautiful shinning glory its ego had made it seem. It was small, wet, dead, and the stench of mold grew closer with every step Steve took, almost throwing up a lunch he had never ate yet.

21% Done

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : 04/27/2017 7:06:46 pmApr 27th, 2017

Updated picture. Chapters added. More writing will come out soon.

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  • space-dad
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  • May 6, 2017, 2:49 pm
Heh, The title of this is also a K-POP Song...
nice story though, I think its gonna be good once its done:3
Glad you like it!

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