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avatar yelloe
Level 45 : Master Giraffe

The puny phone awakened before him, blaring its sweet and sour melodies into the open ears. He awoke as he blinked, staring out at the setting before him. At first it was a shock to him, seeing the real world instead of the peaceful dreams he experienced during the quiet nights. But he quickly adapted to the organized mess that he spent so much time in. He basked in the warmth that came from the blue-tinted window from afar, and he grinned, enjoying the wake up alarm.

The fluffy, tiny, turquoise colored bird sat on the edge of the branch. It chirped its soothing tune, harmonizing with the melodies that came from the electronic inside the house. It too, basked in the sunlight that gleamed down at the neighborhood below.

His arm rose, and he gazed at the wrinkled hand. Tubes that punctured his skin produced a frown upon his face. He had never seen the results he had hoped and wished for. Every single day ever since the incident had provided deep depression over and over again. But the mornings were enough to keep him sane, enough to keep him happy again. Gazing through the window, he’d barely managed a wave towards the small, blue creature.

A tall and thin woman entered the scene, smiling at him. She spoke softly, enough for him to hear but not too much that it would pierce the air. She produced results that would enlighten him with the greatest bliss. He was slowly recovering, and sooner or later he would, in his heart, become alive again.

After she had left, he found tranquil again. The peace had enveloped him, and he lay calmly, once again enjoying the habitat. The bird once again sang its carol, and he closed his eyes. He entered back into his dreams as the dim nights washed out all of the sunshine.

The blue bird went back to its nest. It quickly mimicked the old man’s actions, resting in its home. It had sung its final song and went away.

The next morning brought the same happiness to the man. The same alarm, the same tubes, the same woman, the occasionally new and hopefully better results, and even the same bird.

Everyday this man experiences the same happiness as before, day after day ever since the incident. His joy brings a smile to anyone that visits him; comforting him till he smiles even more. But today, something brought a frown, more than what the tubes and wires gave. The bird was nowhere to be seen. The man was in a state of panic, wondering where the bird was. The interruption in his daily routine nearly made him insane. Frantically searching everywhere, but disappointingly limited to only his room, not the mysteries beyond.

It had been weeks now, and the old man had finally given up after numerous trials. He had accepted his fate.

Everyday from that turning point in his life he had cried, waiting for the bird to come back.

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  • Inspirinq
  • Level 44
  • Master Sweetheart
  • December 28, 2018, 3:59 am
This is very well written :)

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