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Board a Pirate Ship (Story Writing Blog Contest)

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CassandraStudios avatar CassandraStudios
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[Illustration from the website]
A Chinese idiom (perhaps), implying the embarkment of a hopeless adventure or the association with criminals (hence the pirate ship).
Based on the original version of "You're in the Army Now" song by Bolland brothers. Owing to my lacking inspiration without using other songs as covers, it should be for the best.

A one-way trip in the hostile lands
Advisor thinks in one's heart here:
"Board a pirate ship now
You're stuck with them... now"

Remembering what the master said:
"Be on one's own and stay alright"
To the pirate ship now
Be well as you wish... now

Once the martyr of the greater cause
Now everything, not a single trace
In the pirate ship now
You're here with them... now

Sneering on the way to naught
But once getting there no one gives a damn
Leaving a pirate ship
And to another... now

Then fireballs go overboard
Pebbles go over the head
"Your lives will not be spared,
No surrender,"
Why in the first place
No time for regret... now

Mutinties come another after another
Everyone yelled: "Run for your lives!"
Cannot leave them now
Accept a bad end... now

Advisor grabs the sword
and charges ahead
To brace for impact with everything
But it seems futile
In the pirate ship now
Be in eternity... now

Another fall as the scene blurred
"Is this big effort all within my best?"
And so ends the struggle here
With a hidden smile... now
CreditCornelius G. (the illustrator)

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02/03/2023 7:36 am
Level 26 : Expert Lemon
sxcchxrine avatar
great plot in this story! thank you for entering <3
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