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Bowmanimmortal's Guide to Pixel Art

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avatar Bowmanimmortal
Level 26 : Expert Creeper Hugger
I don't upload that often, especially blogs, so I've decided to make this so that I don't slump away from PMC in a sad mess saying "I dunno what to do anymore..." even though PMC is just right there in front of me for like 99.999% of my day. But, anyways, this is about pixel art, so lets dive in.

This blog is divided into sections so you can learn the one specific thing you want without having to scroll through the others.

The Beginning
If you just starting out pixel art, you may decide you don't like it, which is why you shouldn't spend money on fancy programs that you will never again use. To start out, I used Paint.NET, which is horrible, but I used it instead of MS Paint, because it could handle transparent backgrounds. Though I don't have any recommendations for starting out, use whatever program you seem comfortable with, but try to get a free one, because, like I said at the beginning, you may end up not liking pixel art. With programs aside, let's get into making the art. I would recommend Image Resizer for upscaling pixel art, but it does have a problem with cutting off a bit of the very top and left pixels, it still works great, with many options that make it look different than normal, such as this one: or you can just regularly upscale. ANYWAYS, with upscaling ALSO out of
the way, let's ACTUALLY get into making the art. Making the art is simple, though doing pixel art while largely zoomed out is hard. It is easier than many other forms of digital art. It IS made out of pixels, but it still gets the point across as to what you are looking at, without being a random mess of pixels. There is nothing that complicated about it, just clicking and dragging with the occasional RAGE. Starting pixel art, you may find yourself incredibly angry, but it takes practice and patience. After beginning pixel art, there is so much to do...
Getting Comfortable
If you are totally sold on the idea of pixel art, then you still shouldn't spend money on programs, that is, UNTIL you find which one seems best for you. I'd recommend Aseprite, because it's a $15 program that has many nice tools and options, despite also having a GIF builder that deals with frames and stuff. It also has several palettes, with my all time favorite being Rosy-42. Also, it's on Steam, which is also nice. Anyways, with that aside, once you find the program that fits you, you should get used to using it, and for that you could just tutorials on the internet. (Yes, I know that this is a tutorial on the internet. Well, it's actually a guide.)
What You Can Do
There are many things you can do with pixel art, such as: Making tilesets for games, making games, static images, GIFs, showing friends, personal entertainment, videos, much more, much much more, but that's not all, watching people shocked at your skill, feeling accomplished, and much, much, much more.

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