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Breaking the rules - A FNAF story

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This is what 13 year old Kitopia saw when she was looking for a job in the newspaper. Let's go back a little... Earlier that year, she had started losing money when her small business went downhill, in fact, to a stop. Business had been booming until the haters appeared. Nevertheless, she was ready for this new job at Fazbear's Pizza.
"I can handle this" she thought as she picked up the phone and gave them a call

Later that night, Kitopia found herself sitting in a comfortable seat in a dark office at 12 am. She looked at the monitors but after a full ten minutes nothing seemed to be happening. "It can't hurt to get up and explore a little, can it?" She said to herself, getting up and walking into the hall. A creeping feel of paranoia was upon her, but she shook her head. What could go wrong in a pizzaria? Sneaking into the kitchen (She didn't know why she was sneaking) she picked up a slice of pizza "Yum..." she said, and took the first bite, only to hear a low hum coming from behind her. She turned around to see nothing but air. She shrugged and went back to eating, picking a piece of peperonni off and eating it. A loud clunk was heard, and she definitely hadn't imagined it this time. Summoning all her courage she stepped into the hall and looked about. "Hello? She called, shaking a little, to no reply. She walked down that seemingly haunted hall to the show stage and waited three seconds before pulling aside the curtains - only to find Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica had disappeared. "Weird..." She said to herself. She advanced to the prize corner. No puppet there. She ran to the game area - Balloon Boy was missing.. Shaken at this point, she stood before Kid's Cove. A strange, full silence was behind that door - like when everybody is talking but you just can't hear it. Closing her eyes, she opened the door just a little bit to peek in...

"You broke the rules."

Did you enjoy it? I'll put part 2 up soon!
See you soon!

"You broke the rules."
All Kitopia could do was watch through the narrow crack in the door, petrified as Old Freddy noticed her and started walking toward the door. She looked around at the other animatronics, those strange grins she was sure would haunt her until the day she died, although she didn't know how far away that day was now...
How was she supposed to know this would happen? It's a pizzaria! What can I do? All of these questions raced through Kitopia's head as Freddy came nearer and nearer. Soon (Although it seemed like forever) Freddy reached the door and pulled it open to it's full width, leaving Kitopia fully exposed. Her heart sped up. This had not been in the job description - In fact nothing had been in the job description. She should have been more careful to be perfectly honest. But it was too late for that now. "Who have we got here?" Asked Freddy. "A little rulebreaker?" Kitopia was silent. "You're not supposed to move in our game you know. Or maybe you don't. It doesn't really matter, you broke the one rule that we set." Kitopia shifted uncomfortably, she was really very scared. You know when you're scared, and you just completely zone out? That's what she was going through. She was imagining being stuffed in a suit, how cold and dark and painful it would be, how the blood would ooze through the joints of the animatronic's body until she was dead. "So to whom do I speak?" The air was tense, the animatronics silent, waiting for an answer. Kitopia tried to take a little step back to find the door had somehow closed behind her, so she eventually replied in a quiet, scared little voice: "... Kitopia..." Bonnie tilted his head. "What an odd name! It doesn't seem to represent you at all, Kitopia being such a grand name and you being so quiet." Kitopia was still silent. "I bet she's just too scared to say anything!" Said the outgoing Balloon Boy, "Why don't we cheer her up?" "No!" cried a voice from near the end of the room, "Thanks to you numbskulls she knows about us!" Kitopia traced the voice back to a Golden Freddy at the end of the room who was much to her surprise, a girl, so I suppose we should call her Golden Freia. "Now we have to either dispose of her or keep her, and I'm sure neither will be pleasant for any of us!" Kitopia's eyes widened. She was no genius, but it didn't take one to know what Freia meant by dispose. She wasn't ready to die! She was much too young! She hadn't been in a relationship, crushed on non-fictional characters (LOL) or even been adopted (This isn't true, I have parents.) Luckily for her, Balloon Girl who is as kind as the sky is blue saw her widened eyes at the word dispose and intervened. "U-um, I don't think she wants to be killed. I don't think anyone here wants to kill her." she said quietly, but even though it was quiet it had a huge impact. Most of the animatronics looked down or nodded in agreement. "Soo... We keep her?" Asked Chica, who had always wanted more females in the pizzaria. Kitopia nodded slightly, hoping they wouldn't stuff her into that animatronic suit. Freia looked around at the other animatronics, then, seeing that she was defeated, sighed. "I suppose we could keep her, but what does she say?"

Everybody looked at her. She could hardly contain how happy she was that she wasn't going to die! In fact, she couldn't. She jumped, punched the air and exclaimed:

Okay so I just found out you're supposed to update stories this way. Yay!

Kitopia was shocked though, when in mid-jump she felt a thing wrap itself around her waist. Looking down she saw a long stretchy metal... thing... She was shocked back to silent mode and found herself being pulled toward some sort of white thing with lipstick. "A new girl? Don't we have enough?" Said the Mangle, who was widely believed to be female, and Mangle, not knowing herself, just went with it. "No wayyy" said Chica, "and anyway, Tina and Balloon Girl won't play our games..." Mangle sighed, "Well, if you say so..." and put Kitopia back down. Kitopia could see that life wasn't going to get any easier, in fact maybe it would have been better to die, or maybe not... She had no idea what these crazy animatronics were planning to do with her. "What now?" Asked Toy Freddy, being bored out of his mind. "Well, humans need sleep, don't they? I've sort of forgotten..." Said Bonnie, "So we should probably put together some sort of bed..." "Oh, um, don't worry... I slept before I came here..." mumbled Kitopia. "Actually, don't kids normally have parents? Won't they be worried?" Asked Toy Bonnie? Kitopia frowned, "Don't worry about that either..." she said in an even quieter voice. Someone in the corner cleared their throat. "We have a performance tomorrow, we can't let this kid stall our practice. She can stay and watch, maybe hold the lyric signs if she wants to be useful." The voice came from Tina the Tiger, who looked quite frightening honestly. The other animatronics nodded. "Maybe old Chica can take care of you~" said Toy Chica, smiling and following Tina to the Show Stage, to Chica's growls. Despite the obvious bullying, Chica turned around to face Kitopia. "So what DO you want to do?" Kitopia grinned a little, she really wanted to see that practice. "Go see? And eat?" she asked. "Well, okay." Said Chica, "By the way, do you have any idea of how to repair animatronics? And maybe make them a bit better..." Kitopia nodded. The smile that lit up Chica's face shone through the entire room, causing some discomfort to foxy. "Well, let's go and see them perform and maybe... You might be able to repair us a bit later?" Kitopia nodded again. "Let's go then!" said Chica, practically skipping to the show stage. They sat down to watch.

The rehearsal song:

Toy Chica (TC): So kids, you wanna party? Let's jam!
Tina (T): Do you wanna dance tonight? Nothing can go wrong tonight! We'll sing 'til we drop, even if we're dead we'll go on living!
TB TF (Toy Bonnie) (Toy Freddy): Wanna sing wanna dance and everythings okay let's go! 3! 2! 1! Go!
T: Tonight's gonna be your night! Let's
T: We're gonna party! We're gonna sing, we're gonna dance the
All: night away!
TC: Let's go!
T; Never gonna stop now gotta keep going now!

"That was amazing!"

Songs are fun to write. I might fix it up a bit later but now I need to go do chores. Yes they exist, seeya!

"That was amazing"
Kitopia was staring at the stage in awe. Slowly, chica waved her handlessness in front of her eyes. "She's gone..." She said. Kitopia just stared, "That really was amazing! I want to do that..." but Chica shook her head. "Only the toy animatronics have ever been able to keep up with Tina, and they're repaired and upgraded often. No point in trying really." But Kitopia was singing under her breath, "Just keep going, go go keep going let's keep going now even if we die today..." Chica sighed. "Anyway, can I please please get the repairs, and maybe upgrades now?" Kitopia snapped back to reality. "Oh... Sure." So they walked down the hall to the sound of the toy animatronics practicing.
[2 HOURS LATER *Spongebob guy voice*]
"There you go!" Said Kitopia, cutting the thread and tying a knot. Chica was less pot-bellied now, and had hands. "Thanks!" She said greatfully, stretching out her fingers, but Kitopia still appeared to be daydreaming. "Hey, what will I do tomorrow?" She asked out of the blue. "Well, I suppose you could probably be a waiter or something like that, I don't know. We'll have to see how you go in that job, and if that doesn't suit you, I don't know what will." Chica said slowly. "Let's keep going, I'm gonna keep going, never gonna stop now, gonna get on that stage now..." Kitopia whispered, yawning slightly. "You should probably get some sleep" said Chica, "You can probably sleep here, I mean there's an old bed around here somewhere..." but Kitopia was already asleep.
[AT 8:00 AM]
Kitopia woke up, not knowing where she was. "You're finally awake... I've arranged for you to be a waiter for today." Said a voice, which belonged to Chica. Suddenly Kitopia remembered. "Okay..." For the day, she plaited her hair into two longs plaits that reached to her feet, which later would prove to be a mistake given the amount of children there. Just on time (9:00 AM) she managed to get to the main hall of the pizzaria. Children were flooding in through the doors, orders were coming quick, in fact it could be described as hectic, and it wasn't long before Kitopia found her hair being pulled. "Please stop that, I have to get this to table 5..." It was busy to say the least. Finally that one kid in the green shirt and blue pants sat down and stopped pulling her hair. "Tell me a story." The kids really were greedy, but Kitopia decided to oblige and let him hear a story, so she walked to a corner with cushions and rang a little bell. "Story time." she whispered, "This story is about two children lost in the woods. Their parents couldn't feed them..." by this time a small group of children had gathered, so she sat there and told them the story of Hansel and Gretel, even acting some parts out, and by the time the children stopped asking for it again and again it was time to close. "Well today went well," said Toy Freddy, "Where were you, Kitopia?" Kitopia smiled, "I guess I'm pretty good at telling stories..."

A banging noise was heard.

Ooh, what is it? Is he here already? Or is this just a stupid cliffhanger that leads into nothing? Wait and see! Hee hee hee!

A banging noise was heard 
The animatronics weren't moving, and the ones that had ears were tilting them forward, listening. Old Chica came out from the back area. "H-Hey, Kitopia, you should really leave the cleanup to us..." Nobody else was moving. It was clear they were petrified, and Kitopia wasn't moving either. "K-Kitopia... Come on..." Taking advantage of her new hands, old Chica grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the door, and once they were in she turned to Kitopia. "What were you thinking? Do you have any idea?" Kitopia shook her head, "How am I supposed to have an idea when nobody is telling me anything?" she asked. "What was that thing, anyway?" Chica looked around nervously, "That thing will murder children for fun. He'll wait until your blood runs cold and leave you for dead. He's like, a purple murderer..." Now, Kitopia was intrigued by this, because she personally loved murder stories, even if it was unthinkably horrible to commit them, and purple was her favorite color so she wasn't very happy when she found out she might not be able to share her favorite things because the animatronics were, from her point of view, overly sensitive. "Now, what you don't want to do is be around that area at night," Old Chica whispered, "and I don't know how much longer he can stay away..." Kitopia nodded. "Fine then. I won't go out there." But of course, one day she would, she was sure...
Later that night the other animatronics finally got back in, but Kitopia was waiting for Tina. She would be a little scary to confront, sure, but she had to keep on going! When Tina walked in, Kitopia walked up next to her and smiled a little in a charming way. "Can I join in?" She asked, still smiling that charming (and hopefully pursuasive) smile. Now, she hadn't noticed, but Tina and herself were walking towards the Show Stage this entire time, and she had no idea why now that she had noticed. When they arrived, Tina stopped and looked towards her. "And why would I let a human join an animatronic band?" She asked, sitting down and crossing her arms. "Uh, well, because I love performing, singing, dancing and all kinds of stuff like that...?" Kitopia half questioned. "You didn't answer my question very well you know. What are you actually good at, instrument wise?" Tina asked. It wasn't that she didn't want Kitopia in her band, it's just that she didn't want to introduce a human to the show that couldn't bring anything new other than humanity. "Um... I guess I'm okay at the guitar, good at piano, violin, drums, singing and recorder..." "And dancing? Anything good there?" Tina questioned further. "Well... I'm pretty good at learning the moves... But I've never had lessons. Actually I've never had lessons on anything except piano - I just continued on my own. Does gymnastics count? I had to stop when-" Kitopia stopped there. Now, Tina wasn't sure what the hell was wrong with this kid's speech. She would randomly cut off whenever anyone asked her about what her life had been like before she took the job. And she never talked about her parents. Tina almost felt sorry for her, until she remembered that every animatronic there had been dead already and there was really no need. Nevertheless, she pressed on the subject. "Why did you stop?" She asked. "Don't worry about it" Kitopia said, smiling. Some people just had secrets. But Tina was sure she would get the truth out eventually, but for now it was best left untouched. She could feel that Kitopia was actually upset. "I suppose it could count. Look, kid, if you can write me a song before Friday I'll judge it, and if it's good we'll use it. And you can hold the lyrics songs, maybe dance too depending on what happens. Now go. Bye!" Kitopia could tell Tina was shooing her off. Sighing, she walked down the halls, stopping besides the girl's bathrooms. And she hadn't stopped because she needed to go to the toilet or take a shower. She stopped because she saw old Chica in there, staring into the mirror. "Hey-" She stopped, sure she was hallucinating, because the reflection she saw in the mirror was not Chica's reflection, but that of a small blonde girl with pigtails. The similarity though was the bib, both of which presented the message "LET'S EAT". "Um, Chica?" She asked taking a small step forward. "... So, I guess I have some explaining to do..." Kitopia nodded. 

"Well, it was like this"

I promise you all these cliffhangers and talking about purple guy ARE building up to something bigger. Just wait and see.

CreditScott Cawson

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