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BTS memes & Jin's jokes

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avatar Charloox
Level 36 : Artisan Unicorn
If u don't know BTS yet,
go check them out on yt cuz they're my life.
Their music is just the best!

So if you're an a.r.m.y (or not),
i got some nice memes for ya.

There might be some things that you don't understand tho xD
If you're an a.r.m.y you should understand pretty much everything.

there might also be things that you have already seen



V memes

JIMIN memes

J-HOPE memes

SUGA memes

JIN memes

I'm forcing u to see this one xD


(most of them made by fans)

What did the dog say to the wall?
▶Wol - wol

What is it when a cow laughs?

What did the blanket say when it fell off the bed?
▶Oh sheet

What do you call someone that steals fast food?
▶A hamburglar

What do you call a sad cup of coffee?
▶A depresso

Puma as some kind of bubble in it
What kind of bubble?

It's Jungkook's graduation so i'm getting eggs
Because i'm eggcited

Why did the tree leave her lover?
▶She wanted him to treet her better

You know guys, my jokes are quite

What is the karate experts favorite beverage?

What do you do when balloons are hurt?
▶You helium

How do you get pikachu on a bus?
▶You po-ke-mon

Why was the pizza so small?
▶Because there wasn't mushroom in the oven

What do Suga and J-hope use in the shower?

What do you call an alligator in a vest?
▶An investigator

How do you count cows?
▶With a cowculator

What do you call a man with no body and no nose?
Nobody nose

Hey do you wanna hear a joke?
I have a lot of jokes about unemployed people,
▶But none of them work

I will tell a joke about a pizza,
▶But it's a little cheesy

Why did Adele cross the road?
To say hello from the other side

What does a couch say to the other couch at the other side of the room?
▶We are sofa apart
▶It's sofa king funny

What do you call a famous turtle?
▶A shellebrity

The jokes are bad,
But that's why they're funny.

So i hope you guys laughed at these memes and jokes xD

It took me quite a long time to do all this.

Oh gosh what have i done.
.:Bye bear 2:.
CreditBTS and the people who made the memes and jokes ~♡

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  • hopeseok
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • December 27, 2017, 4:00 pm
oh god 😂
  • Charloox
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Unicorn
  • January 2, 2018, 10:50 am
  • chuu
  • Level 35
  • Artisan Fish
  • July 31, 2017, 4:56 pm
i expected these to be those memes people use for reaction purposes, but i ended up getting this! please post more (((:
  • Charloox
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Unicorn
  • August 7, 2017, 8:24 am
sure if i can find more good memes ^^
oh lordy, jin's oppa jokes.
  • Charloox
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Unicorn
  • July 13, 2017, 1:39 pm
i know xD
  • taene
  • Level 22
  • Expert Goblin
  • July 13, 2017, 12:14 pm
ohmg i love you already
  • Charloox
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Unicorn
  • July 13, 2017, 12:16 pm
thx !

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